Scott Kelby Explains His Switch from Nikon to Canon

Long-time Nikon user, Scott Kelby, switched from Nikon to Canon about 6 months ago. After tons of people have asked him about the switch, he decided to put together a little video explaining the reasons why he switched to the 1D X and the 5D Mark III. Ergonomics, menu systems and skin tones are his big reasons why. Check out the video for the full breakdown.



  1. Jared says

    The grass is always greener on the other side.

    At 10:20, where he says “What makes a Stratocaster better than a Les Paul?” That was great.

    More Strat, Les Paul!

  2. Zriss says

    If Canon give me the 1Dx, 5D Mk III and a lof of L lenses for ‘free’, I would say the same! “Canon is better, thanks Canon for the equipment…. “

    • Peter G says

      I get my cameras for nothing, and my lenses for free ( Dire Straits ” Money for Nothing ” )

  3. says

    A guy at this level changing says a lot! You have reached the limit of the tool as you are gifted. Now Canon gives him a better edge! All the Nikon guys evangelising Scott Kelby as a product evangelist… bite your tongue :)

  4. freeman says

    I won’t speculate what the true is about Mr Kelby nor discuss it as there is no point in that. And I don’t know any of them personally. But I can tell you that I started off with an original dRebel (300D). By the time I upgraded to 20D, I told myself, I won’t buy another dSLR that doesn’t have the rear dial again. Canon started the rear dial around the 10D era, but it was so slow to make it any useful, but after 20D, that completely changed.

    • Eugene says

      You know you can change WB in the camera permanently for any kinds of tones you like, don’t you? So skin tones better on one camera vs another camera is lame!!!!!

  5. Joe says

    I’m just waiting for Scott to play with a MF camera. While I like the skin tones out of my Canon’s, they get smacked down by what a Hasselblad does day in and day out. Same for the Phase One colors, but it depends on if you’re using a Kodak or Dalsa based unit.

  6. KIm Gary says

    This GUY is a Big Bullshit . He know how to Bullshit his way to Canon.
    I own both Brand Canon & Nikon and I can tell you Nikon is always More superior to Canon .
    Nikon D4 with Nikon 800mm F5.6 AFS and Canon 1DX with Canon 800mm F5.6 USM .
    Nikon win above Canon in Focusing’s Speed and Colour and worse the Bokeh is way far better .
    I hate the way he Bullshit .
    A Man which Talk Cock and Sing Song .

    • Ronald1959 says

      There are more test that where the conclusion is that the canon is the clear winner at focusing. So what are you doing wrong?

      • says

        Canon used to be faster, Nikon sharper. However the D4 is blazingly fast.
        These guys don’t even know how to adjust APERTURE on the D4!!! It is ONE single wheel Dude! So much for the credibility of this “interview”. They are full of bull!
        Canon defaults to speed over accuracy, and for Vivid over True colours and for excessive noise reduction over clarity. BUT you can make ALL these adjustments on the D4 – if you prefer that. RTFM (Read The Friendly Manual!)

        • Ronald1959 says

          I think Scott know how nikon works and i believe nikon is a awesome brand, but i agree with Scott that the camera must work for you and that is for everybody different.
          Nikon works for you and that is oke. I personaly have sold all my canon gear and would buy a nikon, but i buy canon again after hours and hours of reading and trying Nikon for almost a year. Look at for the reviews. A lot of nikon buyers has problems. D800/D600/D610. Maybe Nikon is better, but there is so much to love with a Canon 5d mark iii. That is what i agree with Scott.

  7. bpx says

    Canon design cameras from the ground up, where as Nikon uses technology from other companies to build theirs. Sony sensors used in Nikon cameras for example….
    Canons AF, live view and ergonomics leave Nikon standing.
    Nikon are good at producing cameras that have oily sensors and aim to the left.
    I have used both systems, and sold my D800E in favour of the 5Dmk3. I have never been happier!

      • Ronald1959 says

        look at to the reviews of the users and you will see that the nikon’s d800 en d600 (d610) have lots of problems.

  8. Carel Stander says

    What a beautifully rehearsed emotive piece of interview. Just throwing in the specs ( and being second by this other guy – just call him the echo) every few sentences. Oh and remembering not to mention the other brand name to much. Well worked guys…

    If you want to change to any brand, especially if it suits your style better…. then just do it, nobody really cares anymore about brand – its about photography. I thought we were really over this debate years ago.

    ….but please, this over the top , its to good to be true – I saw the light scenario, come on, it all just seems a bit cheesy ?

  9. Colin says

    I guess he lost his marbles along with his Nikon. I was wondering just how much Canon paid him to switch and to make this advert for them. Pity it is wrong in about 95%.

  10. says

    I shoot both Canon and Nikon so these are my thoughts. The Canon 1Dx is made for sports…plain and simple. It just doesn’t get beat when it comes to sports. The AF system in that and my 5D3 blows away everything else on the market. I was surprised to hear him rave on the 1Dx low light after coming from the Nikon D4 though as I find the D4 to edge Canon (barely) in low light. To me, just like the 1Dx is made for sports, the Nikon D800 is made for landscape and studio. You just can’t get the sharpness and dynamic range out of any Canon like you can on the D800. I don’t often shoot the D4 anymore but the D800 is still a camera of choice for me in landscapes and studio. Unfortunately because the D800 is tuned so highly for landscapes, it offers worse high ISO performance and slow slow shooting compared to the Canon 5D3. I find the Canon 5D3 is the ‘all around great’ camera. It doesn’t deliver the low light and speed of a D4 but offers more than most of us need. It doesn’t quite deliver the resolution and dynamic range of the D800, but it does offer more resolution and DR than most of us need. Its AF system is fantastic and thus I find it my #1 choice for general shooting or weddings where anything can happen. However, for sports, the 1Dx is the camera to beat. Given SK shoots sports, I am not surprised by the switch. Those who call him out on switching for sponsorship have likely never shot a 1Dx for sports. Scott’s partner Matt K shoots a D800 for his landscapes and I’m sure nothing will change that because as of now, the D800 is impossible to beat for landscape. If he ever changes and is still shooting landscapes, I’d call him out.

    • WestCoastJim says

      I’m curious. What would you use a 35 FF for “studio” work? Why not Imacon/ Hassie or Phase One?
      If price is the answer then I’ll be still. Otherwise???
      Be well.

      • EastCoastJim says

        All talks and references are to a 35FF. It is a talk of Nikon to Canon pro gear or a pro shooter. This is not a MF talk, so why even mention something so off topic?

    • Eugene says

      Boy, you are so wrong. I have 5D3 and D800e.
      ISO, up to 12800 both cameras have exactly the same ISO quality at pixel level. At 25600 5D3 is better but both cameras are crap at 25600 anyway so who cares. On the other hand because D800e has 36mps I don’t have to blow up my photos as much (don’t have to enlarge to see pixels) so technically D800e is one stop better than 5D3 in ISO. Plus take a picture with both cameras at the same settings and you find out that D800e photos are brighter by at least 1/3-1/2 stop overall so if you want to match 5D3 in exposure you can go 1/2x shutter speed. That plus MPs makes D800e 1.5 stops better in ISO.
      D800e shutter lag 1.5 times faster than 5D3 so you don’t even need high FPS. Just take single shots at sporting events. No need for spray and pray.
      I also ran focusing tests (after FW upgrade) and both cameras focusing speed is exactly the same except in very low light where D800e easily beats 5D3.
      So why did I buy 5D3 you might ask.
      I need orientation focus point change like on most new Canon cameras and on D4 but D800e does not have it.
      And yes I was shooting with Canon cameras, 1ds, 1ds2 40d, 50d, 7d, 5d2 for over 10 years. And Nikon d1/d1x before that. But now D800e is way better shooter camera than Canon. It feels like Canon 5 years behind.

  11. MrB says

    Or MAAAYBE it is just like he says… it turns out he prefers Canon and the 1DX/5D3, period. I seriously doubt that a – what I assume – well paid photographer would ditch his Nikon gear and make a switch just for a sweet deal.

    And for what it is worth – I personally made the exact same switch years ago for a very specific reason; skintones and colors out of the cam. I just couldn’t take the D700 color palette for portraits in natural light/outdoors. Took too long to edit to get it where I wanted. Canon gives me a better starting point. So yeah, I buy his story…

    • Ronald1959 says

      I buy the story to. This week a man asked me how i got the naturally skintones. He owns a Nikon D3. I own a 50D. Next week he is coming over to look houw i do my workflow.

  12. says

    The whole Canon/Nikon thing is specious. What works best for me may not be the best for you…or Scott Kelby. The thing I’ll never understand is why anyone would put credence behind the equipment some well known guy uses, without ever trying it for themselves. Personally, I like Nikon for some things, Canon or Sony for others and even the old Kodak DCS Pros for others still (color rendition for example). Doesn’t mean that is best for anyone but me. So, why should we care that Scott Kelby now likes Canon better than Nikon?

    • Jared says

      Finally! Someone who’s not caught up in the “My favorite corporation is better than Your favorite corporation” conflict.

  13. Jay says

    Why do you never see a Nikon in the hands of a respected fashion photographer? It’s like he says, the skin tones straight out of the camera is better with Canon. The reason why I made the same switch some years ago.

  14. WestCoastJim says

    Hah! No surprise. That was my reaction upon first using the 1Dx a year ago. Amazing camera. And I’ve had every Nikon from the F though F5 then on to the D3s. Hate the present Nikkor build and feel. Mostly not even made in Japan. Groan.
    But truthfully the 5D mk III and 5D mk II killed my Nikon love affair. Video anyone?!
    To this day I revere the Nikon D single number series ergonomically but that’s no longer enough. Not at all. Time to move on. And I did.
    So to are others. And if the 1Dx is an option then any Nikon is threatened.
    Plus who the hell needs 36MP in their workflow? No client I know! I only consider those kind of numbers commercially useful on my H series Hassies. Way higher bit depth and all.
    Carry on.

    • Rubberduck says

      The best (DSLR) video camera is still a hacked GH2!

      “Plus who the hell needs 36MP in their workflow”
      Who the hell needs a scrollwheel? Who needs JPEG? Who needs 14 FPS? That three questions are made with the same bullshit like your “And I did”…

      And by the way, you just forget the most important thing: It is the photographer who made the picture, not the camera.

  15. WestCoastJim says

    By the way who’s Scott Kelby relative to shooting style and ability? Like what clients? This would certainly tend to qualify his preferences.
    As for Ninon and/or Canon “paying” people to use their gear I think that’s mostly a historic footnote in this era.

  16. Adam says

    I own stock in neither company, so could really care less what a pro shoots with, nor others that feel they must justify their decision to invest in one system versus another. Many of you make me laugh. ha … ha … ha.

  17. Jeff says

    A man should always know what business he is really in. I hope Mr. Kelby knows his business and his audience. A lot of people will watch this – a few of them subscribe to his classes and some of those customers paying monthly or annual charges – have fans and stickers under their windows laptops, some have apple computers, some have Nikon cameras, some have Sony cameras, etc. – some are loyal and some will be insulted.

  18. Ameet S Pawar says

    Well, speaking about the switch You have explained it well in a general way. but loved that way, you said Canon gives a great skin tone & faster shutter curtains. Hey, Scott would you go more deep in technicalities with both the company’s?

  19. James says

    Like Ken Rockwell, first Nikon now Canon for the same reason, who pays the bills. The reason they swapped has nothing to do with Technology. Those including TH that Canon has better WB and skin tones and what have you now sing a different song from a few years back. Go Read TH blog and reviews. I honestly don’t care what equipment any photographer uses. I use Nikon and there are times when I am also not happy with what they offer. I would like to see a D4 speck in a D800 body for birds and wildlife where I don’t need 36 mp but 12mp has now ran out of breath. so I have to make do with the D800 and have to become more disciplined in using my equipment as the sensor is very demanding. I would also like to see some of the Canon lenses in the Niko range. But I am happy with my results. I don’t produce 1000 images from a shoot, I can take my time to get the colors right, so it is all just marketing and BS.

  20. Ronald1959 says

    (Dutch) Ik geloof het verhaal, omdat het me zo bekend voorkomt.
    Hij voelt zich goed bij hoe de camera voor hem werkt. Dat heb ik ook met Canon, anderen met Nikon.

    (English) I believe the story. because it is familiar to me.
    He likes the way how the camera works for him. I have that with Canon to, others with Nikon.

  21. Uncle Pete says

    I didn’t bother watching the video because I saw that Kelby was sitting next to Rick Sammon. That guy is a total hack who makes money by being a shill for companies. That Kelby would would sit down with that dolt tells me everything I need to know about his agenda. Canon offered more money than Nikon did.

    When you get down to brass tacks neither Kelby nor Sammon are even good photographers. I see better work on flickr made by kids with point and shoot cameras. These guys are masters of marketing manipulation. That’s it. What does Kelby need better skintones for? Isn’t he the master of Photoshop? It should take him about a second to fix.

    I can’t believe people are STILL playing up this Nikon/Canon war. As if it really matters. Professional photographers don’t buy products because of advice spewed out of the mouth of paid shills. We know better. This is a marketing scheme to con “amateurs ” and “enthusiasts” into buying whatever these talking heads tell them to.

    For all practical purposes the differences between Canon and Nikon are negligible. I don’t need to watch Kelby and Sammon wax philosophical about utter nonsense to get a paycheck.

    • KIm Gary says

      I agree with you 200% on your cool comments.
      Its the Man behind the Lens and Not the Brand or the DSLR that do the work for a piece of good Creative photo.
      I personally own a few brand of Full Frame and Medium Format but it just different feel only and I think its more of Marketing rather than discussing on the photo itself as Photoshop can do Wonders on a Digital Photo..
      Here I am behind with you on what you have mention on the above.
      Lets all photographers spent more time clicking more creative photo rather than just discussing about which is the better Brand for the War of technology as this Guys are just paid very well by the Top brand in order top move people to another brand as this Branding is very personal .

    • James says

      I agree 100% . The same with Ken Rockwell and his reviews, also now a Canon profit. They get commission on sale generated by their sponsors. As a food friend and bird photographer recently proofed by winning one of the top international awards. Bought a 400mm f2.8 Nikon and use it on a Nikon D2x 2006 model camera. He knows his tools but the glass made the shift.

      • Uncle Pete says

        The thing about Rockwell is that he isn’t paid by the companies he shills for. He’s paid by click-throughs from retailers. The retailers don’t care who the person is, so Rockwell isn’t sponsored by anybody. My website has Amazon links and if someone clicks on a link with a specific product I get a tiny percentage no matter what they buy. If the link is to a Nikon lens, they click it and end up buying a Canon lens or a microwave, or even a rubber chicken I still get a cut just because the sale came from my site. (I don’t push it, so I usually make less than $100/month)

        Ken’s not even a master marketer. Ken Rockwell is a master of SEO. He knows that the more pages that have keywords such as Nikon/Canon/Leica get higher ranking on search engines. Rockwell was pretty smart as he got his thing going long before anyone else. That’s why he got so “famous” so quick. He had the most pages with Nikon keywords so he was the first to pop up whenever any searched “Nikon”. His “reviews” are just boilerplate that he can type a few specs into and get up quick to get high rankings.

        Of course after awhile everyone figured out he was full of crap and his Nikon rankings started to tank so he started spreading it around. I think he started with adding Leica then jumped on Canon as well. More keywords, more traffic, more click-throughs, more money.

        The way I see it you can’t even put Rockwell in the same league as Sammon and Kelby because he’s really in business for himself. Those other two are literally owned by their gear sponsors. They are contractually obligated to market this stuff.

        I know how this goes down because I’ve worked for guitar manufacturers. They give certain artists free equipment and they have a point system that the artists have to achieve. So say an artist has to make 50 points a month to keep his endorsement, there’s a structure. Say, 10pts for appearing on a national TV program like Leno, an MTV video might be 5 pts, 2pts for live performances, etc. (these are hypothetical points). So Sammon writes a magazine article and he has to mention Canon, or Kelby does this YouTube video about how awesome Canon is and how crappy Nikon is.

        In the end it’s all just bullshit and anyone who thinks any different ought to have their head examined.

  22. Adam says

    Maybe the 1dx is better for sports. But, if you have to start with “it’s not because Canon sponsors…” or “Canon gave me to try…”, then your partiality may be in question.

    If Canon, Nikon or Sony would give me free gear, then I’d go with whoever made the best offer as well.

  23. John says

    I have to hand it to ergonomics as well. Switched from F3 and F4 to EOS way back when. Tried the D3 when I had a disenchantment moment with Canon. My hands and wrists hurt after handling what I though was a brick for a week. Realized it’s the ergonomics of Canon that fit my hands perfectly. Was the Nikon gear good? Yes, just doesn’t work for me. Now with the camera and image quality of the 1DX and the 5D III, I wouldn’t consider switching back for a nanosecond.

  24. says

    The key to this is when Canon said to Scott Kelby: We want to sponsor some stuff = $$.
    My question: Which is better? Honda or Toyota? Canon or Nikon? Both are fabulous; different but fabulous. Kelby says he refuses to analyze which is better. He really does not explain why he switched. Some intangible thing, apparently.
    Honestly, who cares what brand of equipment OR what brand of car Kelby uses???? I would be 100% happy with a Honda or a Toyota OR a Nikon or a Canon.

  25. Noah T Jefferson Jr says

    Every time that Photoshop or Lightroom updated and Scott Kelby produced a new book I immediately purchased the book(s) I now have the new Lightroom 5 Book, Photoshop for Versions CS6 and CC and Photoshop for Lightroom Users. A friend GAVE me a copy of “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book ” By Martin Evening, I was blown away by the clarity and other BS and now have switched from Kelby’s books. Now if I had a friend that would GIVE me the latest top of the line Canon, Sony, Leica etc with a full set of lenses I would make the switch in a heartbeat because I will get better skin tones and other BS.

    • says

      Seriously? Seems to me that all Nikon people are on the war path and Canon guys are like… ‘We know this!’ and don’t get overwhelmed by the emotions. :)

  26. Eugene says

    There was only one reason. Canon paid him to do it. Nikon produces shooter cameras unlike Canon where you have to constantly look at the menu. And even though menu concept is better on Canon the menu itself sucks. Just look at the bracketing for example. Controls are on two different menus. And the focusing control is a nightmare that requires PH.D or degree in rocket science.
    I have both Canon 5D3 and Nikon D800e at present. Much prefer Nikon to Canon. All controls are on the buttons so no need to look at the menus.

  27. John Schickler says

    I love how those Nikon users who swore by Scott Kelby all of a sudden bash him using some of the worst grammar this side of Facebook.
    The guy is well respected by most of the community including Canon users. He makes valid points to justify his switch and Nikon users can only whine. And don’t get me started on the MF elitists.

  28. Jared says

    I think everyone is missing the point.
    Here are some REAL issues we should be criticizing:

    Which camera was used to record this video of Scott Kelby?
    Was it Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic?

    What clothes was Scott Kelby wearing, and who paid him to wear them?

    What car did Scott Kelby drive to the studio that day, and how much did they pay him?

    Did Scott Kelby get gas for his car at Exxon, Shell, or Chevron?
    Because we’ll lose all respect for him if he’s not using the same fuel as we are!

    How much did Scott Kelby’s real estate agent pay him to buy the house he lives in?

    How many people will stop following Scott Kelby because he offended them?
    (and how much will they get paid for this?)

    Do Canon shooters feel better about themselves now, because Scott Kelby also shoots Canon?

    Do Nikon users find that their cameras stop performing as soon as Scott Kelby jumps off of the Nikon bus?

    Does Scott Kelby use Western Digital or Seagate hard drives? Lexar or Sandisk?
    …and how much do they pay him?

    Why do we all need to be just like Scott Kelby?

    Are my preferences invalidated because someone else prefers something different?

    Who is Rick Sammon anyway?

    …oh, and I can’t forget one of my favorites that came up a few months ago:

    How much did Adobe pay Scott Kelby to tell his followers that the monthly rental of Adobe CC is a great thing, and we should all do it?

  29. Noah T Jefferson Jr says

    My original post (68) was meant as a joke. None of Kelby’s books are written specifically for Nikon so what difference would it make if Scott switched to Canon. A few years ago I attended a weekend seminar with Rick Sammon and I check out his blog occasionally and have used some of his suggestions for improving photographs but I still would not switch to Canon. Post 72 is right on point. Now should I give up my NAAP membership because………? ???!!!!!

  30. Dana says

    A friend of mine that shoots for an NBA team showed up at the beginning of the season with all Canon. He had been shooting Nikon for years. He liked the speed of the autofocus for Canon. The next season he showed up with all Nikon. Just couldn’t get used to the feel of the Canons. Six of one…half dozen of the other.

    • Ronald1959 says

      Nikon works for him and that is good.
      I talked with a woman who wantend to buy her first DSLR. She wanted to buy a canon 700d and not a Nikon. I asked her why? She felt better with a Canon.

  31. Pax says

    Canon is top of its range . Don’t let anyone tell you any different. The problem is people are trying to mix apples and pears. You get Nikon, Hasselblad and Licia. in that order. You get Canon, Nokia and Samsung in that order. Kelby is an outstanding photographer. Any news paper will grab his pictures.(sic) Lenses……..think about it . Sscot nothing to do with me . but what ever respect that might have been there before is history now. Try and take people for below his level. ” Shame”.

    • Eugene says

      Canon is on top of it’s range. The emphasis is on “it’s”. Certainly not on top of the range. They are stuck on 22mp FF and can’t get any higher. They are stuck on 18mp for APS-C and can’t get any higher. Even at these low resolutions ISO performance is not any better than Nikon at 36mp and 24mp respectively. When update to 7D is coming? After how many years?
      Announcing FW upgrade 6 months before it actually comes out (5D3) so people don’t stop buying the camera.?!?! The only company that gives full warranty on gray market merchandise to boost sales?!?!?! The only company that gives full warranty on refurbished merchandise to boost sales?!?!?! ETC…….RIDICULOUS!!!!!

      • Freeman says

        Generally speaking, if one shoot Nikon, one wouldn’t be well verse in the Canon world and vice-versa. Even if one shoot high-end Nikon, one may not be well aware of all the features and capabilities of the entry-level Nikon dSLR. The true is, there aren’t many lens that can truly make full use on any of those 20MP+ dSLR. I doubt there is any Nikon lens that has the resolution power to fully take advantage of the 36MP. I’m not saying that because Canon can’t make higher resolution sensor because that’s not true. Here is the press release back in 2010
        I would more incline to say it’s more likely that Canon chose to more concern about higher ISO performance DR than higher MP. The MP war is over a long time ago especially for most professional photographers. For most photographers, we don’t even need more than 8MP most of the time. And I doubt most photographers would need more than 20MP on the daily shoot. Any photographers doing more than that will likely get into medium format.

        • James says

          You contradict your own statement. If you have not used a Nikon D800 with 36mp then you cannot say that 8mp is enough. A big group of bird and wildlife photographers use the D800/D800E for the very high resolution and detail. To photograph birds in wild dont often allow you to get close even with a 600mm f4 lens. so the sensor allow us to shoot and crop a significant amount an still retain great detail. I use a D3s with 12 mp but the top ISO performer with the D4 for bigger animals and very low light. The D800 for landscape, and birds. The Nikon 400mm f2.8 and the 300mm f2.8 with a lot of the shorter primes like the 24 f1.4, 85 f1.4 and the 14-24 f2.8 sure is tope and perform at an exceptional level with the high mp sensors. Getting involved with what is best is fruitless, I invested in a top end system and it works for me. I used Canon and did not like the Camera controls, but that was 8 yrs ago. The reason I changes from a BMW to Land Rover is because I like the brand and the vehicles they produce fit my outdoor lifestyle great. Yes a 2.0lr Diesel engine will work for most people but the 3.0 works for me as I travel dirt/sandy and muddy roads to get my pictures. Like they say, if the horse is dead, dismount. this discussion is dead. TH made the jump as Canon is a new brand that will support him well and pay him well. No issue with that. pitty about the Canon shutter release, what a ball of hogwash …

        • Eugene says

          @ Freeman: For many years, I was shooting exclusively with Canon starting with 1Ds/ 1Ds2 and ending with 5D2/ 7D combo. If I was using the same lens on both cameras I was noticing that 7D was sharper at 100 ISO even though it was lacking 4mp but 7D was laying more pixels overall on the subject. And that was with top (at the time) Canon lenses, 24-70mm and 70-200mm. Now with D800e I am noticing that mediocre lenses are much better than before.
          I have two identical lenses now Sigma 70-200mm OS in both mounts and on D800e Sigma is much sharper than on 5D III. So, my conclusion is that all of the lenses can take advantage of very high resolution sensors. On the other hand Canon touts that if one buys their low resolution camera and uses one of their high priced lenses it would equal to Nikon D800e and corresponding Nikon lens.
          On the other hand Lensrentals took Tamron 24-70mm that is below in performance to Canon and Nikon 24-70mm and it easily beat 5D III with Canon 24-70mm.
          So the proof is in the pudding.
          Canon is incapable making high resolution sensors with high DR so they wont.

  32. Peter Dunner says

    Not surprising from the same guy who didn’t protest like hell when Adobe PS pulled off their manoeuvre and now sell their product as a subscription. It’s like being an expert witness which I do sometimes-there is always someone who, for enough pay, will swear up and down in favor of the plaintiff or defense, depending on who hires them.

  33. says

    1) Scott Kelby has now got ZERO credibility with me.
    2) I watched most of his video, and he and his mate claim that the Nikon doesn’t have a single rotary control for adjusting aperture. Well I got news for you! You guessed it – it has. Always had and always will. If you lie about such simple things, then you have basically validated all your opinions. They are unreliably and financially motivated and misleading.