Fuji X-Pro2 Delayed Until Second Quarter 2014

Fuji X-Pro1

Fuji X-Pro1

Previously, I had heard that the X-Pro2 would be revealed at CES 2014. However, a new source tells me that the Fuji X-Pro2 has been delayed until second quarter 2014.

What the source didn’t reveal was the reason why it has been pushed back. Additionally, I still don’t have solid specs on the X-Pro2. I do expect the X-Pro2 to continue the same APS-C format sensor that we’ve seen in all of the X-Series mirrorless models so far. Fuji is doing such a great job with this format, it’s almost hard to see them move to a full frame sensor anytime soon.

The X-Pro1 was originally announced at CES 2012 and carried quite a bit of excitement with it. So far, Fujifilm has no official press conferences scheduled for CES 2014, which adds a little credence to this info.

If you know anything about the X-Pro2’s specs or other upcoming cameras, please send it to me anonymously via the contact form.



  1. […] message is not certain (because if ever is when we have to deal with rumors?), But if it proves to be true, impatient fans of the brand will be disappointed. On the pages of Photography Bay there is information from a new source, retaining the launch at CES (7-10 January 2014) will not. On the other hand, the X-Pro1 was presented just for Consumer Electronis Show (in 2012). We do not know if even rudimentary specifications of the camera, Fuji can keep the matter secret. Meanwhile – for those interested in the X will be soon testing of two bodies, X-E2 and X-M1. Source: Photography Bay […]

  2. […] mensaje no es cierto (porque si alguna vez es cuando tenemos que lidiar con los rumores?), Pero si resulta ser verdad, los fans impacientes de la marca va a estar decepcionado. En las páginas de Fotografía de la bahía hay información de una nueva fuente, conservando el lanzamiento en el CES (07 al 10 1, 2014) no. Por otro lado, el X-Pro1 se presentó sólo para Consumidor electronis Mostrar (en 2012). No sabemos si incluso especificaciones rudimentarias de la cámara, Fuji pueden mantener el asunto en secreto. Mientras tanto – para los interesados ​​en la X estará pronto a prueba de dos cuerpos, X-E2 y X-M1 Fuente: Fotografía Bay . […]