Fuji CES 2012 Press Conference – LiveBlog

Fuji X-Series Press Event at CES 2012

This will be a live blog feed – with the newest updates at the bottom.  (Hit the ‘Refresh’ button for updates.)

10:51AM PT – The Fuji press conference at CES kicks off in a little over an hour.  We’re expecting to see the Fuji X-Pro1 officially unveiled there.  I’m heading to the press conference now.

I’ll have the latest news from the event soon, so keep watching.  It kicks off at 12PM PT / 3PM ET.

UPDATES BELOW (Newest stuff at the bottom.  And, now there’s a full video at the bottom of the post.)

Fuji X Series Expect Innovation Press Event

11:38AM PT – Do0rs open in a few minutes. Quit the crowd gathered here.  It’s definitely all about the X-Series though.

11:54AM – We’re in.  Wow. Small room.  Action happens in about 5 mins.

11:58AM – It’s about to roll.  FYI, I’m hoping to have the full video of the event up in a bit.  The Internet here in Vegas is taking a beating from 125k or so tech geeks that just descended upon it this week.  At times, I’ve wished for something as fast as dial up speeds.

12:03PM – Manny Almeida on stage talking about Fuji’s camera history. Showing lots of old film and digital cameras.

12:05 – Matstake Matsumoto, Fuji Deputy General Manager, on stage about to reveal Fuji X-Pro1.

12:10 – Officially announced now.  Casey Baker now up on stage walking through the X-Pro1 tour.

12:13 – Talking about the new 4 new components of the X-Pro system.  (1) New XF lenses w/ aspherical and ED components.  (2) The X-mount.  (3) The X-Trans CMOS sensor. (4) The new hybrid mulit-viewfinder.

12:15 – 1/3 stop aperture adjustments on the lenses.

12:16 – Fujifilm X-mount.  Allows an “amazingly thin” optical system.  Thin flange back at 17.7mm.  3 new lenses.

12:18 – Low pass filter.  There was no moire patterns with film. Building on the thought process of film, the new filter array with a more random pattern.

12:21 – Hybrid VF has been redesigned to work with interchangeable system.   Framing lines adapt to view based on the lens.

12:22 – Ships in February.

Fuji Lens Roadmap

12:23 – Road to future.  9 new lenses. Super-wide 14mm and zooms as well.

12:24 – Body at around $1700 and lenses around $600. Not final.

12:27 – We’re doing Q&A now. 1/125s sync speed. Focal plane shutter.  Bummer.

12:35 – That’s about it for now.   I’ll have a full hands-on later today or tomorrow.  Gonna drop all the pics in a gallery below.



  1. Jan Rogerson says

    Excellent stuff ,best up to date coverage on the webb :) Thanks for all the hard work

  2. Alex B says

    Cant wait to read your impressions on the x-pro1 Eric. I just hope the pricing is wrong as that is a hefty price for body only (probably worth it though for that market). I guess I have some more saving to do.