Reader Photos Roundup: December 1, 2013


It’s time for our weekly break from the gear for a few minutes so we can enjoy another round of reader photos from the Photography Bay Flickr Group.

Check out the rest of the photos below.


Shoot em up


Wheal Owles Botallack

Princeshay , Exeter

four four two

Signal Hill @ St. John's Newfoundland


I'm here



Sci-fi Shoot.

Staring contest

The Crane Wives

Missing you


Fresh Start

Calm Before The Storm

Back to the seventies (dance hall on the water)


a passing thought of summer

Illinois Wildlife

Racing the storm clouds

Go Someplace Where No One Knows Your Name

The sense of movement

Don't read my palms. Please

Lawrence's Holden VZ Calais

Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sydney Sunset


berries shoot

Stranger 11/100 - Arina



Jack Sparrow - Daidogei

You can mouse over any photo for title and photographer names. Additionally, clicking on the photos will take you to its Flickr page where you can read more about the shot, leave a compliment or connect with the photographer.

As always, thanks for being a part of Photography Bay and sharing your work with the rest of us.

If you missed out on this round of reader photos, feel free to join in on the fun and add your photos to the Photography Bay Flickr Group and maybe we’ll get you next time.



  1. marie says

    Thanks so much for picking my photo for the readers round-up section!!!! I was so excited. I have only joined flickr a few months ago. I love taking photos but I am just a hack . All my photos are never popular ( can count the favourites on one hand……) and sometimes I despair that they must be pretty bad( given they are never made favourites). Thanks for giving me a bit of encouragement to keep clicking away and keep hoping to get “that special shot”.

    Marie :)

  2. says

    Marie, I mainly paint now but I did photography for well over 30 years. Don’t be so hard on yourself. When professional photographers shoot a lot of photos at one time, they are only counting on 25 out of over 100 to be good. 10 to be money worthy. Keep shooting!

    • marie says

      Thanks so much Jean. I hadn’t quite broken down like that but that makes alot of sense. I will keep trying.