Hasselblad Stellar Leaks Out as Rebadged Sony RX100

Hasselblad Stellar with olive wood grip

Hasselblad Stellar with olive wood grip

Hasselblad is, unfortunately, continuing its fall from grace with the upcoming Hasselblad Stellar compact camera that appears to be a straight-up rebadge of the popular Sony RX100. As with the nonsensical Hasselblad Lunar, the Stellar appears to have no significant features to differentiate it from the RX100 aside from the Hasselblad name and exotic wood grips.

Hasselblad Stellar camera with carbon fibre grip

Hasselblad Stellar camera with carbon fibre grip

And, of course, the price, which is believed to range between $1600 and $3200 depending on what kind of wood you choose for your grip.

Or, you could buy a Sony RX100 II for around $750 and get just as good image quality without the olive wood grip.

[via Photo Rumors]



  1. jim says

    A few thoughts and comments.

    Not so sure its a bad idea.
    Look at Leica and Panasonic.
    I think the sony X1002 might be the ultimate camera.
    Not much you can do to improve itanyways.
    But appearance and comfort might be something worth
    paying for?

    Also, personnely I think most newer type camera these
    days all produce approxiamtely the same result within
    5% anyways. All very good.

    I would love to have a new Sony X100mk2 camera,
    and now a Hasselblad logo and comfort handle,
    even better !!
    if I could afford it?

  2. says

    As someone who has owned a Sony RX100, it’s not worth $1600 (and certainly not $3200). Honestly, it’s not worth the original price they were asking. I got mine for about 30% less than it cost when it first hit the market and I felt like I overpaid by a considerable amount.

    Ergonomically, it sucks. Ease of use sucks. Image quality was fine, but still looked like it came from a point-and-shoot camera due to the slow max aperture at anything but the widest setting. The video was actually the most valuable asset as it was crisp, smooth and clean. It definitely didn’t look like video shot with a point-and-shoot.

    I quickly sold mine off to fund other photographic ventures as I wanted to get as much out of it as I could before the market became saturated with used ones. Other than the 1″ sensor, it’s no different than anything else.

    And now Hasselblad has the audacity to add an ugly grip and champagne paint job and ask 4 to 8 times what the current value of the camera is? I’m not sure what Hasselblad is doing here, but the Nex-7 Clone was ridiculous and so is this.

    Just more fodder for those with too much money and not enough common sense.

  3. says

    I realize that with the Sony “guts”, the image quality will be good but I have no idea what they’re’ trying do accomplish with that design. Hopefully its one of those things that looks better up close.

  4. Tim L says

    Well the good news is that it is nowhere near as ugly as the Lunar, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster of camera bodies. The bad news is that it is still ugly. Someone in the industrial design dept. at Hasselblad needs to get his walking papers.