Sony NEX-A7 & A7r Launch Display Leaks Out

Sony A7 A7r Launch Display

We’re expecting to see the new, full frame Sony NEX mirrorless cameras next week. And it looks like we have our first leak of the cameras – albeit as a tiny portion of the overall display for the unveiling.

While the details of the cameras are not visible, zooming the image beyond full resolution gives us somewhat of an idea of the overall shape and design of the cameras.

Sony NEX-A7 and NEX-A7r

As a refresher, the NEX-A7 is rumored to feature a full frame 24MP sensor with AA filter, while the NEX-A7r is rumored to feature a full frame 36MP sensor without an AA filter. Expect an announcement next week around October 16.

If you have additional info about the Sony NEX-A7, NEX-A7r or other upcoming cameras, please drop a line with whatever info you can share via theĀ contact form.

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]