Sony NEX-A7 & A7r Full Frame Cameras Coming This Month with 24MP and 36MP Sensors

Sony RX1-13

The rumored full frame Sony NEX cameras are expected to arrive later this month – on or around October 16. 

The Sony NEX-A7 is rumored to features a 24MP full frame sensor (possibly the same one found in the Sony RX1). The Sony NEX-A7r is rumored to feature a full frame 36MP sensor, which rivals the current full frame top dog – Nikon D800.

Both cameras are rumored to feature an EVF in the center of the camera, much like the Olympus OM-D design. The camera bodies are also rumored to be closer to the size and design of the Sony RX1.

The rumors are all very promising and exciting for the photo enthusiasts looking for more full frame offerings. If true, expect to see plenty of hands-on coverage from PhotoPlus 2013 the week after these cameras are announced.

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]