Canon 7D Mark II: More for the Video Shooter?

Canon 7D Mark II

New rumors of the Canon 7D Mark II suggest that an announcement should/could arrive in the second quarter of 2014. Additionally, the 7D Mark II is rumored to be more video oriented than typically seen in Canon HDSLRs and that the camera would retail well above the Canon 70D.

These new rumors are consistent with what we’ve heard for months regarding release dates and specs for the upcoming 7D Mark II. See the below list of previously rumored specs.

Canon 7D Mark II Rumored Specs

  • 24.1mp APS-C Sensor
  • Dual DIGIC V
  • 10fps
  • Dual Memory Card Slots (Unknown configuration)
  • 61 AF Points
  • 3.2″ LCD
  • Build quality like 5D3
  • GPS & Wifi
  • $2199 ($500 more than the 7D at launch)
  • ISO Performance to get close to the 5D3
  • “Lots of video features”

As more and more rumors come out about the Canon 7D Mark II, the more I am inclined to believe it will be announced at or just prior to NAB 2014, which kicks off April 5, 2014. If the camera will be the video-centric camera that has been rumored so much and it’s coming in Q2, then it almost has to come out the first week of April so that Canon can show off a new whiz-bang video camera at NAB.

If I was a betting man, I’d feel pretty good about laying down a chunk on that week. NAB is in Vegas after all…

If you have additional info about the 7D Mark II or other upcoming cameras, please drop a line with whatever info you can share via the contact form.



  1. Will Binks says

    Sounds great, price is high though and I cant see it overshadowing the 5d3 all i. I can see it having 1080 60 and 720 120 though. For anyone really getting excited, unless this thing has RAW internally its meh, because it has duel processors like the current 7d so a raw hack wont be possible (Unless they can finally hack it, which seems they can’t)

    For video, anyone is better off just getting the black magic pocket cinema camera and getting a speed booster, which gives you around the 1.62x crop thats haunted canon crop cameras forever (Instead of a more real super35 equivalent of 1.5 like Nikon and Sony.)

    • Adrian V says

      Previous 7D was not full frame, I would think 7D II would not be either.
      At this price, close to 6D price, tough choice for regular consumer. This camera is aimed at prosumers and pros where video is important and high end features which specs do deliver for speed and AF system, so still may be reasonable on an unconfirmed price and much lower price than 5D mark 3 which costs 1000 more. New videographers would want this camera.
      7D mark 2 will likely have PDAF on sensor like 70D and hopefully rotating screen for video.
      Best advantage of APSC sensor is its longer reach for zoom over Full frame at 1.5x crop.