Rumor: Nikon D5300 to Get New EXPEED 4 Processor & More

Nikon D5200

Along with the new D610, Nikon is rumored to introduce the D5300 as an entry-level APS-C format camera. The D5300 should feature the 24MP sensor and 39-point AF system we’re all familiar with now.

Additionally, the camera is rumored to be the first to sport Nikon’s new EXPEED 4 image processor. However, it’s not yet clear if that will yield any advantage over the D5200 in terms of final image quality. If all else is otherwise equal, it will be interesting to see if Nikon adds some additional video features to the D5300. Perhaps the first consumer DSLR to sport 120fps (at 720p)?

Other rumored new additions to the line include built-in WiFi and GPS. I’m not much for geotagging my images; however, I find the WiFi on the Canon 70D that I’m currently testing to a rather cool feature at times.

If the current stream of rumors pans out, we should see the Nikon D5300 announced alongside the Nikon D610 on October 7th or 8th. Expect hands-on details at PhotoPlus 2013, if not final availability by that date.

More when we have it. If you’ve got legit details to share about the D5300, D610 or other upcoming camera models, drop a line via the contact form.

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. Wally in Austin says

    Nikon 7000 to 7100, 5100 to 5200 to 5300, D300 to D300? Nikon.. Nikon? Bueller….. Bueller……..

      • Darren Kelly says

        I think the camera is called the Nikon D7100 – or move up to the D600. Either are more than worthy of replacing the D300.

        What would you put into a D400 that would make it better than the 7100? I personally can’t think of anything.


        • says

          Faster processor to clear the buffer coupled with an XQD card slot is the first thing that comes to mind. The buffer for burst shooting is a major achilles heel for the D7100.

          • f-stop says

            @Eric–agreed. I don’t even think many would mind the “extra” slot slot to be SD if it could keep up with frame/buffer rates. Maybe the first XQD/SD slotted-camera?
            As a pro pj who has shot with the D1/h, D100, D200, D300, D300s, D7000 (and now using a D4), I don’t think the D5xxx-series or the D7xxx-series have followed in the same vein as what a successor to the D300-series should be.
            The 7100 seems to be a good high-end consumer camera, but not a successor or aimed at the same photog user base. Frame/buffer rate, AF speed-low-light-and accuracy, ruggedness of body build as well as shutter life, etc. As I even like the D7000 in many ways spec-wise, it was never built the same as the D300/s.
            Nor do many (myself included) consider the D600 to be a replacement at all. It is a high-mp FX sensor in an amateur-built body, period. (Not to mention the problems with the camera).
            Frankly, the same with the D800 to some extent. It surely fills a gap between a “lesser” body and a flagship D4, but was really not a replacement for the D700 user-base. It is a commercial-based user body with amazing resolution, but not for use in the trenches–photojournalism, sports, or any action/movement photography (as the D700 could produce).
            Just seems to me that Nikon has kind of messed up their “lines” with the product naming (numbering)/release-sequence and user-base, especially if something is not in the works (such as what many I think, not just myself) would be wanting in a high-end (shall I say pro-sumer or affordable pro-) DX camera. ;)