Sony A3000 Officially Unveiled

Sony A3000

The Sony A3000 is the latest foray of the Alpha series; however, it sets itself apart from its A-mount brethren and moves to the Sony E-mount line instead. The A3000 shares the same mount as Sony NEX cameras and, accordingly, accepts all pre-existing Sony E-mount lenses.

Sony uses the A3000 name, likely, to differentiate the body style from the NEX line (i.e., the A3000 looks a lot like the Sony Alpha Axx series of cameras). However, the A3000 is more like the NEX series also because it does not have an internal mirror for the viewfinder or AF system.

Sony A3000 Back

The A3000 features a 20.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor and captures HD video up to 1080/60i/24p. It features a 3-inch 230k-dot resolution LCD and a 0.5-inch QVGA EVF. Frame rates for burst image capture max out at 3.5fps and the sensitivity range is ISO 100-16,000.

The A3000 ships in early September 2103 with an 18-55mm E-mount lens for an impressively low $398. Check availability here at B&H Photo.



  1. Harvey says

    I wish Sony would spend their time getting the new NEX 7 replacement ready, rather than producing additional low cost & lower end cameras. I hope they do not fall into the trap of Nikon and Canon producing so many low end models just for marketing purposes, that they lose sight of those of us who want the very best and have been waiting!

    • says

      Personally, I think this A3000 is going to be pretty significant when we look back on the market in a couple years. It’s a continuing sign of where we’re going. I doubt it’s taken any time off the NEX-7 replacement…

      Canon or Nikon wouldn’t dare venture this far from their bread and butter…

    • yann says

      Hi Harvey,

      Very good analysis. I agree with your thought. Hope Sony reacts to your idea and produce the best for the rest of us.