Hasselblad Lunar Now Shipping in US for $7000

Hasselblad Lunar

I know all of you have been waiting so long to get your hands on a Hasselblad Lunar, so you’ll be glad to know that the Lunar has started shipping in the US for an insane price of $7000.

In case you have missed my previous rants, the Lunar is essentially a glorified Sony NEX-7 with a reworked body and controls from Hasselblad and a bloated price tag. You can pick up one (or two) for yourself here at Amazon.com.



  1. EricB says

    Leaves me questioning the pricing credibility of the entire Hasselblad range….. Could be counterproductive on all their sales.
    Its not even based on the later 7n.
    I’m sure a few wives in the oil rich Middle East will get one of these, along with the remaining pretentious yet camera uneducated.

    • Kosha says

      you know what ?
      I’m really tired of that rich oil middle eastern shit
      I currently live in Dubai and 95% of the people here are as F@$ked as all the middle class in the US, even worse !!!
      I mean there is 7 million people here 200 thousand of them are the ones who get SOME of the oil revenue all the rest is going to the big guys and there banks
      So please rethink your believes and take a look to the other sites in The UAE other than Dubai