Photoshop CC Launches Tomorrow, June 17. Who’s On Board?

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop CC and the rest of the new Creative Cloud apps from Adobe launch tomorrow.

Are you a Creative Cloud subscriber, and will you be downloading the new apps immediately?

If you aren’t a Creative Cloud subscriber (and since a Creative Cloud subscription is the only way to get the new apps), will Photoshop CC’s (or another app) new features push you to become one?

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  1. Douglas J. Louden says

    Not a snowball’s chance in ….. I’ve already taken steps to move on to other products. I won’t be held hostage by Adobe for the rest of my life.

      • Doglas J Louden says

        At the moment I believe I’ve landed on Capture One Pro. I also have copies of Corel After Shot and Paint Shop. These may not replace everything PS and Lightroom do, but I’m giving it a whirl for now.

  2. Matthew says

    I work as an outsourced designer for a big company and I found that I was always dealing with .indd or .inx files from InDesign and having compatibility issues so I started upgrading more often. That got pretty expensive. Since I use the software on a daily basis and have to upgrade all the time, I like the idea of a monthly subscription service. If my situation ever changes and I’m not getting steady work or income or I go to a full-time position somewhere, I’ll probably drop the CC membership.

    If you do the math, it’s really no different than buying a new version every 2 years, which I was doing anyway. If you are one of those people that upgrade once ever 5 years, then it’s a terrible deal. I think you just have to evaluate the value on a case-by-case basis.

    Also, I have yet to find a suitable alternative for InDesign. I would say that 98% of my work is in InDesign so at this point, I’m stuck regardless. I could go by CS6, I guess, but then I run into compatibility issues. CC is great with me. I get all the software at a reasonable monthly price. I switched months ago and haven’t looked back.

    • sjms says

      Your math is rather skewed. The average upgrade path has been roughly 18 months at $220 per. Now for PS it’s $240 every 12 months after the first taste for the year.

  3. Matthew says

    I will say, though, that I think Adobe would be wise to offer up a Photoshop/Lightroom combo at a significant discount or offer them a la carte so that occasional or non-professional users can get the software as-needed.

    A lot of photographers I know only upgrade every few years or even more (I have a good photographer friend still on CS3). Honestly, I think CS would be fine for most photographers.

    Buy Photoshop used if you need it on disk that badly. Otherwise, join the cloud.

  4. says

    Nope – I won’t be paying Adobe _for the rest of my life_. There are alternatives, especially Gimp, which is as close to Photoshop as you can get, and its FREE.

    I’m running my current CS6 till the wheels fall off, and will being transisitioning to Gimp immediately. There’s loads of other photo manipulation software products out there besides Adobe.

    They have lost all credibility with me. I urge others to JUST SAY NO!

  5. Loughton Smith says

    I have CS6 and plan to stretch it out for the next few years. I doubt that very many will move beyond CS6, at least for the next year or so. By then Adobe should learn a hard lesson.

  6. Darren Kelly says

    Passing on CC.

    I purchased CS6, after a year of subscription, so I spent $800.00 in total. I did buy the Lightroom upgrade.

    Planning on moving to Avid for editing and composting, although After Effects will do me for a decade.

    Looking at Corel for illustration, Webpress for internet design, and perhaps even Corel for Photo editing.

    I have an opinion Adobe will change their minds in 12 months. Rather, the shareholders will change managements minds. The change starts tomorrow, when sales don’t come rolling in.


  7. says

    I wanted to move to Cc to use Premiere pro But we live in SA here you can’t get individual packages. Only one package with everything in. I don’t need all those programs.