Nikon D400 and D4s Rumor Update

Nikon D400

It’s been quite some time since we have heard anything about the Nikon D400. When the D7100 launched, there was a lot of concern that the D400 wouldn’t show up to replace the D300s after all, and that Nikon would allow the D7100 to remain atop the DX camera lineup and the D600 would sit at the low end of the FX line as a gap-bridger to the D800.

New rumors suggest that the D400 was, in fact, pushed back in Nikon’s DSLR line-up in order to allow the D7100 to shine for awhile on its own. Of course, the D7100 is an excellent camera in its own right; however, it is still missing some things that you expect on a proper D300s replacement.

Additionally, it seems that Nikon and Canon are playing a waiting game with each other before they release the D400 and 7D Mark II, respectively. The D300s and 7D were quite the combo to go head-to-head. And they are both still doing just that. However, 4 years later now, its about time we see something else on the high-end APS-C front from both manufacturers.

Rumored specs include more processing power to handle the high resolution files at a faster frame rate (something in which the D7100 lags behind). Additionally, the faster processor may lead to 60p video at higher resolutions. An improved AF system is also rumored for the D400, as well as the Nikon D4s, which is rumored for a 2014 release. The D400 is also rumored to pack the same 24MP sensor as the D7100 with no AA filter to boot.

The latest announcement date for the D400 is September 2013, but could be pushed to early 2014 depending on what happens with the Canon 7D Mark II.

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  1. Alan says

    I wonder why can’t nikon put dual processor for their cameras to boost FPS. Canon did with 1DC and 1DX if i’m correct. Imagine D400 with dual expeed 3’s with 24mpx resolution, if d7100 can shoot 6fps for 1second, d400 could go 6fps for more than 2 seconds, especially if we combine that with nice buffer speed that could be a Dx version of D4.

  2. says

    Its all Marketing more megapixels ,faster focusing,faster glass we all love NEW Models & will keep buying & selling its a great hobby ..

  3. Eric Eikenberry says

    D7100 is the best APS-C DSLR on the market today, even with its flaws and a faulty AF calibration which leaves only the center 9 AF points accurate. When it nails the shot, the clarity is stupendous. I will be first in line to get a D400 whether it is Sept ’13 or into 2014! The AF system and buffer depth are the two weakest links, with a magnesium body/pro build being a minor concern. What makes me excited though is that Nikon must be planning a new D700 replacement based on the D600 sensor and the D400 processing and buffer depth. There’s no way they’d simply do a D400 without being able to platform the architecture across more than one body. A D750 at 24mp and 7fps speed with a magnesium body and the D400’s improved AF system would be a very nice offering too!

  4. Peter says

    If a D4S comes out, I hope Nikon improves their AF from the current 51/15 and makes it much quicker… The 1DX basically smashes the D4’s focusing in terms of speed, and sometimes accuracy too (with the exception of low-light focusing, where the D4 is slightly better)… And maybe boost the FPS up to 13-15 and/or use dual XQD slots with an upgraded processor (or dual processor).

    With the MP, I hope they don’t blast it to 36 MP or 52 MP or whatever… Just ridiculous to have so much MP on a flagship camera that should be fast enough for 10+ FPS. Memory cards would need to be 128 GB+ minimum for that sort of camera. And processing time… just WOW. Keep it at 16-20 MP range!

    And maybe some of that translucent mirror technology with dual focusing systems would be nice. Imagine Nikon and Sony teaming up to integrate Sony’s translucent technology and dual focusing with Nikon’s camera expertise. Ideally something that can shoot up to 13-16 FPS with 22-23 MP sensor and higher-speed XQD cards with 60+ AF points (and maybe 35+ cross points!)

  5. Joe says

    The D400 better have 15 fps burst ability, 100% accurate 0.001 second auto-focusing, the perfect amount of megapixels, low noise up to ISO 25,600, the ability to run on solar power, and a built-in MRI option for photographing brain injuries! If it doesn’t have all these things, I will officially disown Nikon forever, sell all my belongings, and go live in the forest.

    Photographers these days are so spoiled. Every time a new camera is announced, they make a ton of demands and will cry foul if it doesn’t meet every single specification they had in mind. I know people have been waiting a long time for the D400 and D4s, but they aren’t going to be perfect. They are going to be improved versions of their predecessors, just like every other Nikon, Canon, and Pentax upgrade model in the past.

    • Larry L says

      LOL, about the demands, after having my 2nd D300s , 3 D90’s and a D70s, all have needing to be sent back with problems, I hope the D400 simply works well. My D300s works pretty well but the Nikon Grip sometimes does not read the battery and I have less than 25K shutter count. I suppose better ISO is my second most wanted change then better color depth, dynamic range and sure more pixels like 18 meg. Can a lens really focus down on a much finer grain sensor? 24 meg DX =about 57 meg FX. The Sony DSLR 24 meg I tested was less sharp than my D300s using my 16-85.

  6. says

    Well, I had been shooting with D300s for a while, then I simply moved to D700 and then to D3s and I really do not know if I want to go back to DX format at all. Luckily I have only 1 DX lens left and that is 17-55 f2.8 so I am way better for low light with FX format instead. I had a D800 for couple weeks, and returned it back to Nikon for faulty AF, and regular D800 issues, so D3s still makes the best camera for my needs until the D4s shows up later next year.

  7. says

    At this point, it really is beginning to look more like a marketing game than anything else. I have both the D4 and D800 primarily for wedding work. The D4 shoots beautifully in any light situation I find myself in up to f/2.8 at least. OK. yes, I would love to see 12800 as clean as 200. So I guess one could argue progress in that area does not need to stop until reached. Focus speed and accuracy are near perfect in both cameras. Changes I would like, but not pay another 6k for: Dual QXD slots, dual processors. Improved menu system. How about a bare chassis option that costs 4k? No Video, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, audio. Nikon D4s? Maybe the D5 will be compelling and my D4 long enough in the tooth by then. Meh. We’ll see.