Magic Lantern Update: 1080p Raw Video Works on 5D Mark III


The Magic Lantern crew just made a breakthrough of 24p raw video on the 5D Mark III. The earlier catch was that there was a limitation on the resolution that left the 5D Mark III raw video capture just short of the full 1080p mark.

Not so fast though…

Just hours after the initial revelation, Magic Lantern revealed that it’s possible to hit the holy grail of 14-bit raw video at 1920×1080 resolution and 24p with a 1000x CF card.

After clearing some technical hurdles with the image buffer, they’ve got 1920×1080 raw video down to a requirement of 83MB/s at 24fps, which should play nicely with 1000x CF cards that offer the fastest write speeds (e.g., newer cards from Lexar and Transcend).

Some quick and dirty sample videos that show the difference of 1080p raw at 24fps and Canon’s I-frame 1080p at 24fps are below.

First, here’s the 1080p raw video at 24p.

Next, is a video of the same scene and exposure with the 5D Mark III’s internal I-frame recording and Technicolor CineStyle profile.

There is also hope that these developments could lead to full 24fps raw video on the 5D Mark II.

[via Magic Lantern via NoFilmSchool]