Canon 5D Mark III Now Shoots 24p Raw Video with Magic Lantern Firmware


The Magic Lantern guys never cease to amaze with what they can pull out of Canon HDSLRs. In the latest Magic Lantern firmware that’s in development, the Canon 5D Mark III now manages to capture raw video at 24p. This comes after it was previously teased running at lower frame rates.

The resolution isn’t quite up to full 1920 x 1080; however, 720p is no problem. Additionally, they have been able to record up to 1928×850 with continuous recording. Bumping the resolution up to 1928×902 only allows for 700 frames of capture (or 29 seconds) before recording stops.

For an example of what raw video offers over Canon’s internal ALL-I recording, check out the below sample videos.

This first video is the new Magic Lantern raw video captured at 1920×820 on the 5D Mark III (that’s 2.35:1 aspect ratio). Each raw frame captured by the camera is roughly 3MB in size, which is why they recommend using 1000x CF cards.

This next video is the standard ALL-I internal recording on the 5D Mark III.

The difference between the internal footage and the RAW footage shows just what the 5D Mark III hardware is capable of doing . . . with the right firmware. The raw video allows so much more detail to be retained in both highlights and shadows.

While this latest firmware isn’t quite ready for everybody, it’s amazing to see what Magic Lantern is doing with Canon HDSLRs. And, it probably won’t be long before this is readily available to everyone.

We’ll be watching and waiting closely to see if Magic Lantern can push the resolution beyond the current stable resolutions for continuous recording.

Of course, there’s no additional news on the 5D Mark II raw video developments – yet.

[Magic Lantern Forum via NoFilmSchool]



  1. Ankit Aditya says

    I am an ametuer user of Canon 5d mark III. I am okay with stills and plan to shoot documentaries and also full length films too. Should I do the magic lantern update. WIll I get to shoot for long time. Please help me out.

    Thanks a lot

  2. says

    Wow, what a difference in dynamic range. Looks like 2-4 stops. The outside is completely blown out with the normal ALL-I and you can hardly make out any details in the shoe. In the RAW video, I see tons of detail in the shoe and still can see perfectly outside. Huge difference.


    IF I bought a $3000 camera, I sure as heck wouldn’t install 3rd party firmware under any circumstances. Not only warranty issues, but other unforeseen anomalies which would render the camera unusable, except as a shelf curio or a model boat anchor!

  4. says

    Guys, i use a magic lantern nearly for 2 years, from 1.9ver, at this moment i use 2011dec22 version. If you really make something what extract raw-video this is big step in your work! Respect to you! One question is stay into my brain, which programm may read dmg files? ))) In my life i only use a cinemaX by red.