Nikon D7100 Sample Footage

Ahead of my full review of the Nikon D7100, I am sharing a bit a sample footage that I shot with the camera last week. There were a lot of great little scenes down by these tracks where the homeless drunks make their home.

Nikon D7100 HDSLR

The D7100 is a solid little camera for HDSLR video capture, albiet with a few quirks.

Moire is definitely an issue with the D7100, but this is really nothing new for the HDSLR format. From what I have seen, some of the newer and higher-end HDSLRs do a much better job, but the D7100 is line-skipping on a smaller APS-C sensor with 24-megapixels, so that is bound to exacerbate the problem.

The widely documented aperture adjustment issue is very frustrating, particularly so for Canon users who are accustomed to changing aperture while live view is active (or even when recording). This was a problem with the D7000 and continues to be an issue with the D7100. Nikon needs to add the ability on its HDSLRs to adjust lens aperture while live view is active and stop forcing users to exit live view, change aperture settings and then reactivate live view.

Those issues aside, the D7100 is a great HDSLR camera. The inclusion of a headphone output jack and uncompressed HDMI-out are two huge features on such a low-end camera.

All of the shots were with the new Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC OS HSM lens, which seems to be an excellent all-purpose lens for the D7100 – for both stills and video. Seriously, this is a solid lens and one that I recommend for any APS-C shooter. I also had a variable ND filter on the lens to control the depth of field.

Additionally, the shots were either handheld or with a slider. While the lens’ optical stabilization performed admirably, the handheld shots were further stabilized using the Warp Stabilizer effect in Premiere Pro CS6. I’ll include some footage in the full review that demos the difference between OS-off and OS-on with the Sigma 17-70mm lens.

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  1. Apon Ahsan says

    Hi Eric,

    Very nice and short review of the camera. I am using d7000 and would like to upgrade to D7100 or canon 7D. This will help me a lot to think. What do you suggest? My focus on doing video.

    I would also like to invest more for my DSLR video shooting mid level professional works. Would like to make short films, interviews to broadcast in youtube as well as TV and DVD.
    1. What is the Tripod and head I need to buy?
    2. Which audio recorder and microphone you are recommending? Including a lapel microphone
    3. Do you have any recommendation for any slider?
    4. Should I need to buy any matte box and follow focus?
    I have a mid lavel budget and i am an amateur but looking for professional works in entry level.

    Thanks for your support.
    Best regards
    Syed Apon Ahsan

    • says

      I would recommend that you stick with the D7000 you have. Just start shooting video and making it work for you. As you shoot video and figure out which shots you are missing, you will know what products you need to buy next. Of course a tripod with a fluid head should be a given for video work, but you can spend $150 to $1500 pretty quickly on a tripod. So you need to know what works for you on your budget.

      Look at the Reviews section here on Photography Bay. Scroll down to the Video Accessories section on the Reviews page to see some of the products I have reviewed.