Firmware Updates Coming for Canon EOS C500, C300 and C100

Canon C100

Back at NAB 2013, Canon announced that it would be releasing firmware updates for all three of its cinema cameras – the C500, C300 and C100.

Additionally, C500 users will get a new version of Canon’s Cinema RAW Development Software that will provide support for the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) color management standard.

A key, yet simple, function will be made available on all three models in a firmware upgrade:

  • Magnified Focus Assist function’s magnified view area within the viewfinder and LCD monitor will be able to be shifted to locations other than the center of the screen.

The C300 will get a firmware upgrade that adds Push Auto Iris and One-Shot Autofocus (AF), which is already available on the C100. Additional features for the C300 will include a 1,440 x 1,080 recording mode at 35Mbps, which is intended to address demand from the digital television broadcasting industry.

These updates are expected to be available starting in October 2013.