Adobe Teases Amazing Rotoscope Features (hopefully) in After Effects CS6.5

Adobe After Effects CS6.5

If you have ever spent hours on end with the pen and bezier tool rotoscoping frame-by-frame in After Effects, then you’ll appreciate the magic happening with this future tech that Adobe will be showing off at NAB 2013 (and hopefully releasing inside of After Effects CS6.5). Check out the video tease below for a closer look:

The new Refine Edge tool for rotoscoping looks pretty darn amazing and gives me the same butterflies that Photoshop did a few years back with content-aware fill. Of course, there will be issues that require you to do things by hand and finesse your selections across frames (just as is the case with content-aware tools); however, the magic has to start somewhere…

This is the first tease that I have seen this year that really gets me excited about NAB 2013. I’ll be there with bells on and, of course, will report back with all the cool stuff I find.



  1. TimR says

    aww why did song stop i liked it.. can i ask what was the name of the song ?
    anyway love the new feature hope to see it in the final release..