Canon 7D Mark II Rumored to Have Integrated Battery Grip

Canon 7D Mark II

New rumors on the Canon 7D Mark II point to an integrated battery grip for vertical orientation shooting, which would point the APS-C camera squarely at pro shooters. Part of the speculated reasoning behind such a move is to make room for a bigger and more serious battery.

As noted by Chuck Westfall, “the EOS-1D X achieves a higher lens motor drive speed with select L-series USM telephoto lenses than the 5D Mark III because of the 1D X’s more powerful battery pack.” Accordingly, the bigger battery in the rumored 7D Mark II would give it more punch with the larger L-series telephoto lenses.

These rumors make me feel even better about my prior speculation on where the rumored upcoming 70D fits in relation to the 7D Mark II. If the 70D goes back to the build quality of the 50D and prior models (as opposed the more plastic and smaller construction of the 60D), then the 7D Mark II would make a lot of sense as a pro-level APS-C shooter (or “Baby 1D X”).

Rumors continue to point to a late-summer announcement for the 7D Mark II.

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  1. Alan says

    If this is true, then i’m going to switch to canon. I love Cropped sensor, i love size of camera, lens choice, features it offers for price, and it gets better and better every new camera. And i’m nikon shooter, i was kinda disappointed by D7100, sure it has few cool features, but at the end of the day it’s just D7000 with new sensor.. Hoped it will entirely replace D300s and D7000. But for me it’s just D7000 with new sensor, don’t get me wrong if you don’t have D7000 yet go for D7100 because it’s just few hundred dollars more and has alot of nice features!
    Also by these rumors so far it sounds like 7D mkII will have very fast af system.

    • Ian says

      I realize where you’e coming from but don’t be so quick to move. On Nikonrumors one of the members contacted Nikon Japan, which has confirmed that the D7100 is not replacing the D300/s and it is not merging the D7000 and D300/s. So we can expect a D400 sometime this year perhaps, probably a little before or after the 7D II.

  2. HiZaku says

    I’m not prefer to have integrated battery grip. The price of course get higher and more bulky to me. attery grip is not essential to every user and those who owned several L telescopic lens should have picked 1 series. I always shoot event. Thus mobility, handy, dark focusing is more importa,t

  3. sk says

    this rumor about the 7DII makes me curious about the 70D also. Is canon going to push the 70D up to Junior 7D II status? A weather sealed, tough body with dual cards, etc, etc, as opposed to a 60D type camera with a new sensor? And then will they push the 7D II to be the end all & be all of crop sensor DSLRs? I guess we’ll get a better idea of where the 7DII will be slotted if the announcement on the 22nd formalizes the 70D specs.

    Personally the integrated grip would make the 7DII too heavy/bulky for me to use as a back up/2nd camera. BUT putting a BIG, next generation battery on a camera that has dual (digic 5+ or maybe digic 6) processors-I’m going to have to at least rent it for a week or two. or three.

  4. G G says

    Now that would be useful!! I wish Canon would do that for all their new cameras! And put WiFi in the plastic part too.