Canon EOS C50 Coming to the Low End of Cinema Line?

Canon Cinema Camera

After yesterday’s rumor of a new Canon EOS Cinema camera to be unveiled around NAB 2013, new rumors surfaced of an “entry-level” cinema camera (perhaps a Canon EOS C50) that would be situated below the Canon C100.

While Canon’s cinema cameras are certainly popular, they are still well out of the reach of many amateurs and low-end pros who are shooting video with Canon DSLRs such as the Rebel T4i and Canon 60D. At $6500, the C100 is still quite a bit of a reach for many of these shooters.

Would a $3000 Canon C50 push these enthusiasts and low-end pros to step up to a dedicated cinema camera? Would you pay $3000 or more for such a camera? If a C50 is in the works, what kind of specs could it bring to the table and not cannibalize the C100?

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  1. Grant says

    Never pay for that price, especially when 5D can do most of it’s job and Nikon D800 too.
    $1500 to $1800 would be an opening’s price but it will fall to $1200 for what it is.
    Who wants to carry a Video camera while 5D , 6D can do the job!

    • Jon says

      Real filmmakers want this, thats who. The form factor alone is worth the switch not to mention the addition of adding XLR inputs.

    • Lary says

      ever since i’ve compared footage from a c100 with my 5d clips i am starving for an entry level eos c…