Canon 70D and 7D Mark II Rumors Growing with Recent Comments from Canon

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

Canon gave a number of interviews during CP+ that shed some light on what may be coming from the 7D Mark II and 70D. Masaya Maeda (Managing Director and Chief Executive, Image Communication Products Operations at Canon) gave an interview wherein he commented on the APS-C sensor size as a key step up from compact cameras – as opposed to 1″ sensor cameras like the popular Sony RX100.

My idea is that, if you increase the size, you go with APS-C – that’s the architecture that allows low light performance. That was the reason I put an APS-C sensor in the PowerShot G1 X and the EOS M – for the time being, that’s the standard.

He also expressed some doubt about how much longer APS-C will be around in semi-pro DSLRs like the 7D and 60D – particularly given the low price point of full frame cameras like the Canon 6D.

That’s something we’re considering at the moment. From our semi-pro users there’s still demand for APS-C but in the future, I think we will see an increase in the number of full-frame models.

While he revealed so specific time frames for the launch of the 70D or 7D Mark II, the growing consensus is that we are nearing the launch of one or both of these cameras. However, in an interview with DigiKame Watch, he spoke more specifically to those waiting for a 7D successor in terms of features and availability.


DKW: As for the readers of DigiKame Watch, there are many who are waiting for the EOS 7D’s sucessor. Up through the release of last year’s major firmware update, there were many who felt that a new model with even better specs would be released shortly…

MM: Yes, they would be correct. For us, it’s about looking at what the camera has the potential to be and then adding that to what it can currently do. I do think the current model is still very attractive to buyers. And while we are, of course, developing its successor, it’ll be one that incorporates a certain number of innovative technologies. We will not be putting out a product with merely better specs, but one that has evolved into new territory. But then again, we’re not talking about something a long time from now either.

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  1. sk says

    “Yes, they would be correct. For us, it’s about looking at what the camera has the potential to be and then adding that to what it can currently do…”

    Honestly, what did he really commit to? Are we sure he’s not a politician?

  2. Richard Ferris says

    The 7D is still a very useful camera loaded with great featurs. I’ve got a 5D III and a 7D, and still get a lot of use out of the 7D. Especially for wildlife photos and sports.

  3. dean opper says

    I want this 7D Mark II so bad. This is exactly what I am waiting for. I have lens that i dont want to just throw away if i go with a FF camera so I really want this newer APS-C and I need to to use SDHC Cards. I have a ton of these as well

  4. says

    I wish Canon would stops thinking we all want FF. I want the crop sensor for bird and sports photography. I wouldn’t mind the ASP-H sensor but what would be wrong with an ASP-C sensor with an improved 45pt AF system if the 1DIV in the 7D II?