Rode iXY Stereo Mic for iPhone and iPad

Rode iXY Mic

At CES 2013, Rode unveiled the iXY mic, a new stereo mic unit designed for iOS devices that captures up to 24-bit/96kHz audio directly to your iPhone or iPad.┬áThe iXY is fitted with a matched pair of 0.5″ cardioid condenser mics aligned at 90-degrees for optimal stereo recording.

Rode iXY Mic

Check out the Rode iXY overview video below from CES 2013.

The Rode iXY mic has a lot going for it outside of the HDSLR video realm. Think about how many TV interviews you see where reporters are in the field and shoving an iPhone in someone’s face. Likely, a lot of that is a situation of convenience.

The iXY looks like it’s going to make carrying the iPhone so much more convenient for those reports. And it will be even better when Rode polishes off their app with the ability to put your customized logo on the display to be seen by every camera that’s shooting the same subject.

Rode iXY Mic

Moving on over to the HDSLR side of things though, Rode has made the iXY with HDSLR shooters in mind – as evidenced by the iPhone mount that slides into your camera’s hot shoe. You can also send a scratch track from your iPhone to your camera’s mic input for syncing with the final audio in post.

Rode iXY Mic

When you are finished with your recording, you can editing your clips in the Rode Rec iOS app, which includes the ability to add fades, import other audio and add effects. When the edit is complete, you can share the final product via SoundCloud, Dropbox, FTP and iTunes.

There are two versions of the app: Rode Rec is available for $5.99 on the iTunes App Store, while Rode Rec LE is free and has limited functionality.

Rode iXY Mic

The Rode iXY retails for $199 and should be shipping later this month. Check availability direct from Rode and here at B&H Photo.



  1. EricB says

    I wonder if IS compensates for phone vibrate?
    Ceiling shot outtakes =answering phone??
    Sometimes cost cutting is more hassle than it is worth…

  2. says

    The photos show the phone is in flight mode so no vibration, no incoming calls at all.

    Don’t you mute or turn your phone to flight mode anyway when shooting a video?

    The idea is interesting and not necessarily a bad one but I can’t really imagine it could be competing any other Rode mics….on the other hand it can be a handy tool for journalists already using their phone for recording their interviews – what I know quite a lot…

  3. EricB says

    I would have thought most people prep and test their gear long before needing to put their mobile in flight mode. Easy to mess up if left to last moment, and inconvenient during those lulls in proceedings. Personally I’d sooner keep my phone handy, not mounted to my camera.

  4. says

    Definitely not a pro solution but many use far less professional solutions anyway. This can be a good start.

    The usual learning curve is most people go the cheap way to get the results. Then with time and experience they get annoyed with the extra hassle and choose the less cheap solutions that really work – but for this to achieve they usually need some motivation from the trial and error using the cheap stuff.

    • says

      Yeah, but you need the adapter, which works just as well according to Rode. I imagine that they’ll be releasing a dedicated lightning adapter version sooner or later as well.

      One of the problems though is that the headphone jack is on the bottom, so it isn’t as easy as just changing out the adapter from the old to the new. Rode will probably have to do some new design work to either make the footprint smaller or (more likely) incorporate a 3.5mm audio plug into the adapter itself.

  5. says

    Is it safe to assume this won’t be usable while recording videos with the iPhone?

    i.e., will the phone only capture audio from the Rode mic while using the Rode app?

  6. Johnny says

    Question: What is the name of that iphone holder that is mounted on the hotshoe? Do you have a link to a site where I can purchase that mount? Thanks

    • says

      The mount is one of Rode’s accessories for iXY mic. It should be available when the mic starts shipping from Rode and other retailers that carry the iXY.