Nik Snapseed Now Available for Android; Discounted to Free for iOS

If you have an iPhone or Android device, there’s really no reason that you shouldn’t download Snapseed. It’s free and it’s available on both devices. 

Previously, it was only available on iOS and the cost was $2.99 or so (still, well worth it). Now, Snapseed is available in the Google Play Store for free and the price at the iTunes App Store has been dropped to zero dollars.

Of course, older devices may not be compatible (like my HTC Evo 4G); however, Snapseed sings along on my iPhone 5. Additionally, version 1.5 for iOS offers built-in Google+ sharing, the new Retrolux filter (see my sample image below) and updated Frames filter.



  1. says

    Shouldn’t the photos be the other way around? The right one being the overblown F@#$’d up one needing fixing and the one on the left being the repaired version?

    There’s someone somewhere that actually thinks that right picture looks good? Slap ’em over the head with their tablet!

    /hides under rock and waits for the Instagram mob to pass by

    • says

      That’s just one of the filters in the Snapseed. It’s an intentional “retro” look per its name “Retrolux” as noted in the article. You can do more “normal” color edits in Snapseed as well.

  2. Mr Kotku says

    Will this software work on my D800 and new Zeiss Distagon 55mm f/1.4 len? Amen Fried Toast!

  3. says

    I use Capture NX 2 + Nik’s Color Efex Pro 3 w/ my D700 & D300 RAW shots. I would imagine you could use Snapseed for your D800 if it’s input into your tablet. I’m a fan of Nik and have been waiting for this to come out on Android, so I just got it installed, but haven’t used it yet. Can’t tell you if it supports RAW in Android or iOS. Will be needing to know that myself soon enough.

  4. monojussi says

    Is it just me or has someone else noticed Facebook sharing is missing (I am running iOS 6.0.1 on a 3rd Gen WiFi-only iPad)? Nik support keeps telling me Facebook support is gone on iOS 5 even though I’ve told them I have iOS 6.

    And Flickr support is still gone, with Nik not giving any info for the reappearance thereof.

    If this is a developing pattern, Google is doing a fantastic job of killing yet another acquisition.