Sony NEX-7 Firmware ver. 1.01 Update

Sony NEX-7

Sony has issued a firmware update for the NEX-7.  Firmware version 1.01 provides the following improvements:

This update will realize two community requests as well as three detail improvements. This update will enable the ability to disable Movie Record button (which will be helpful in avoiding inadvertently starting movie recording) along with the expansion of EV Bracketing to include 3 frame 1EV, 2EV and 3EV increments. αNEX-7 Firmware v1.01 also improves auto playback responsiveness along with improving  image quality when using a wide angle lens. Last item to note with this firmware update is the improvement of indication when setting “Flexible Spot” AF mode.

You can download the new Sony NEX-7 firmware from Sony’s website via the links below.

NEX-7 Firmware v1.01

Windows OS  Download 

Mac OS  Download

[via Sony Blog]



  1. says

    I read about Sony’s update for the NEX 7 very early Saturday morning and went to Sony’s download website and followed the easy instructions. The whole process took maybe fifteen minutes at most.

    I am glad to see that they amended the poorly placed video button issue with a new option for Video On/OFF, picture capture in the Menu it also photo capture processing faster in RAW as well. And, the addition of the additional EV settings for bracketed shooting is something that they should have included at the introduction of this camera. My only wish is the they would have also placed an option for photo review ON/OFF. I find it annoying when shooting with a tripod and I know that the shot is in the can to have the last photo on my LCD screen it just wastes my precious time getting ready for the next shot. I would use last photo review ON only if I were shooting handheld. Others may feel different.

    While I am still testing the NEX 7 having shoot 500 plus frames overall, I’m very happy with the NEX 7 experience and these improvements makee owning and shooting with this camera better.

  2. says

    Hi K:

    Thank you for the information, I just never saw it in the MENU. I will check it out. Your help is very much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

  3. lojanus says

    Any ideas how to get back to old oroginal software? Suppose I do not like the new firmware… ho do I get rid of it? Thanks… Janos