Canon 7D Mark II Rumors Heating Up, Possibly Due in Jan. 2013

Canon 7D Mark II

Northlight Images received word that a Canon 7D Mark II is in the works for early 2013 – possibly at or around CES 2013.    Rumored specs for the 7D Mark II include a frame rate of 10fps and an APS-C sensor of “no more” than 25MP.

Additionally, the current 7D may remain in the lineup (with a price drop) in lieu of a 70D to serve as a replacement for the 60D.



  1. Jerry says

    So the real question is, where does this leave the 5D mark III? Perhaps the 3D is the replacement for the 5D mark III at the $3000.00 to 3500.00 price point? After all with the Nikon D800E priced at $3400.00, Canon has to compete with something equal of better at near the same price!

    • Alex B says

      Lately canon doesn’t seem to care about the fact that their price and feature list is below Nikon.

      This camera won’t cause the 5D to adjust in price at all. The 7D will just take the flagship APs-C sensor slot.

    • richard says

      It is most appreciated if Canon leave out the “GREEN” screen that the D800 (e) has……its very annoying

  2. Eugene Powers says

    If 7d II spec is true (regardless of FPS) I will buy it and not completely leave Canon.
    Shooting with 7D and D800e now.

  3. George Smith says

    I was looking forward to the Canon 6D with great anticipation. However, as an owner of a 7D and a 650D I will now wait to see what the new 7D Mk 11 might bring. I feel that the 6D is in no mans land. It should have been an up-market enthusiast’s full sensor camera but Canon have missed the mark on this one. I will stick with Canon but now I wait to see their top APS-C camera!

    • says

      Dear Sir,
      How is the 650D performing and is it used by you for Professional work and is there a power winder with vertical grip available for it.


  4. Paul says

    Richard – in what way(s) is the 60D a “piece of junk”? The 60D is a very solid camera, very similiar to the current 7D (minus slower frame rate and auto focus) but the 60D has a swivel screen which is VERY beneficial if used for video as well. If one doesn’t shot sports often, the 60D is a great way to go!

  5. k.t. says

    Although I’ve been a stalwart CANON person since the 1960s, I have to agree with others that sometimes it seems that they’ve lost their “way”. While previously they’ve innovated the pants off NIKON, it seems that now no one in their advanced marketing dept. is sure of their next step. Makes no sense! Going back to when they got serious about digital capture, the 20D was their first really “good” camera. The 30D even better, BUT did it deserve the next number in their naming series? I think not, since it was a minor upgrade to the 20D …. same sensor, etc. The 40D was a considerable upgrade over the 30D, so there would have been good justification for a model # upgrade also (20D, 20D(N), 30D). And, the 50D was just an incremental update to the 40D, of which I had both. The 5D was a highly modified 30D, when one considers the menu system, & overall look & feel of the two cameras. Had one of them too. I thought it a great camera, albeit a “dust magnet”. Traded it for a 5D Mk II, and don’t regret that decision one bit. Look at the “pro” bodies. The 1D Mk II was so deficient that in about 1 year’s time, there was the 1D Mk IIN! Almost the same specs, but with the “bugs” worked out. Look at the used proce differential for the 1D Mk II & the “N” version. It IS significant.
    To those who switch from CANON to NIKON, or vice versa, it MUST be a pleasure to have such deep pockets that you can forego the investment in all those premium lenses to pick the “body du jour!”

    • Jim says

      Both companies are the leaders in photography. One year Nikon edges ahead and the next Canon does followed by another Nikon jump. Regardless of which equipment you have, you have the best. When I hear about tools selling off their entire collection of bodies and lenses to jump over to the other I just laugh… its arguably ignorant to do such a thing. You don’t go wrong with either choice. I have always been amused by the “battle” of Canon vs Nikon and guys out there genuinely thinking one is far superior than the other. Those are usually the ones who haven’t a clue to begin with. It’s like comparing two stunningly beautiful supermodels to each other… in the end who really cares which one you have as long as you have one?

  6. August says

    I am hoping they are throwing a little bit more features on this as I am saving up for a decent upgrade. I am also hoping that canon can leapfrog Nikon and outsmart Sony.

    • Jim says

      I used to feel that way FZ but finally realized that as long as the camera I have does what i need then new models mean little. If you are a top pro sports photographer, you must upgrade over and over but then again if you at that level you should be making some nice cash. I have the Mark II and 7D and between the two, I am able to accomplish just about anything. The one reason I will probably get the 7D Mark II when i can afford it is because i need a little better performance for night shooting than the 7D gives. After that the only reason to buy new is if the old simply doesn’t work anymore. How much better can a camera body get for most users? Like I said, other than the top professionals, we really do not need to keep up. Its just not necessary.

    • Jim says

      Good luck with that Paul. 12MP? Not possible. The competition is too much to go 12MP. As lomg as the quality of the image is there I love 20MP. Reduction of noise is a good thing too but that is automatic as newer models evolve. I think the 7D Mark II has the potential of being the near perfect model for 95% of us. Can’t wait – just hope price is reasonable for us middle class people… you know, the 99%.