New Samsung NX-R and NX300 Mirrorless Cameras Leak Out

Product Listing From Samsung's Website

After earlier rumors of Android-powered mirrorless cameras from Samsung, a couple of the rumored model numbers (the NX-R and NX300) showed up on Samsung’s website.

As those earlier rumors indicated, the NX-R is expected to follow the design of the Samsung NX20 with the upgrade to Android OS.  And the NX300 is believed to be an Android-powered successor to the Samsung NX210 and should add a new optional EVF and OVF to the design.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Recall that Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Camera, which leverages the power of Android’s OS inside a fully featured compact camera. Expect these new mirrorless models to follow the cues of the Galaxy Camera.

With these leaks, it is possible we could see the new Samsung NX-R and NX300 as early has PhotoPlus 2012 (later this month); however, it is more likely that they will be introduced at CES 2013 (in January).

[Samsung via Photo Rumors]