Samsung Adding Android OS to Mirrorless Cameras

Samsung NX Camera Android Rumors

Samsung dropped what looks to be a pretty exciting camera with its Galaxy Camera last month, which is a heavy duty Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-powered point and shoot.  In it, the camera is not just one of the features, it’s the whole point of the device – something that looks to become a serious trend.

Even with manufacturers that aren’t putting a full-on Android OS inside, we’re seeing a more app-like environment that extends beyond normal camera settings and mode selections (e.g., Sony’s new Apps in NEX models and the Canon 6D‘s built-in WiFi with sharing to iOS and Android devices).  So it should come at no surprise that Samsung is expected to build (at least some) future NX mirrorless cameras around the Android OS.

According to Photo Rumors, the “next NX series upgrade will be between January and April 2013 and at least two new NX models will use the Android OS:

  • The Samsung NX1000 will be upgraded to an Android powered model using tilting screen like the MV900 and a new EVF.
  • The Samsung NX210 will be replaced with the NX300. I have no info about Android OS on the NX300. The new model is expected to keep its design and add a new optional EVF and OVF that Samsung is currently working on.
  • The Samsung NX-R model will also be released. It is expected to be in the same category as the Samsung NX20.”

Expect to hear lots more on Samsung’s Android-powered NX cameras (as well as other camera brands relying on Android) leading up to CES 2013.



  1. avengine says

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    But I would expect some of them has the good digital viewfinder too, and the lens can change, this case we can put a small lens in daily use and a good zoom lens for travel.
    Right now I am using a ipad2 to test all this idea, I can have free phone app, free video edit, photo edit. dropbox storage, time-lapse shoot, slow motion shoot all in device, and a lower cost data plan compare to smartphone.