Canon EOS 3D Shows Up on B&H Photo Website?

Canon 3D

Rumor has it that someone search for the Canon 3D last night at B&H Photo and got the above results.  And, today, the listing is gone…

If the listing is legit, then we could be seeing the Canon EOS 3D very soon.  However, recent rumors have suggested that a camera with the “3D” branding was not coming.  Moreover, as noted by Canon Rumors, certain things about the listing on B&H’s site smell funny.

For one, the manufacturer product number matches the Canadian version of the Canon PowerShot ELPH 510HS. Of course, as others have noted, that could simply be a placeholder for the listing.  That would be an odd placeholder though since B&H still lists the Canon USA 510HS model.

More notable, however, is the fact that B&H offices are closed through October 10, which would make it rather odd for someone to be adding product listings during their holiday time off – unless, of course, the camera launch is imminent…

Canon 3D Search at B&H Photo

The image is low resolution and the specs match existing rumors, which is easy enough to fake a listing using a little HTML and then grabbing a screenshot.  For example, how about the Canon 2D below?

Canon 2D Listing

While I would love to see the 3D with that big 46.1MP sensor, I’m inclined to agree with the skeptics that the Canon 3D listing at B&H is a nice bit of fakery.

Rumors of a high-resolution DSLR from Canon have certainly been heating up and I think we’ll seen one announced soon.  Stay tuned for the latest.



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