Canon 7D Mark II, 70D and Rebel T5i Rumored for 2013

Canon 7D Mark II Rumors

While Photokina came and went without the oft-rumored Canon 7D Mark II or 70D making an appearance, rumors are still kicking around about what the inevitable camera may actually become and when it will arrive.

The latest words suggests the Canon 7D Mark II will remain as the flagship APS-C camera in the EOS lineup, which seems even more likely after the introduction of the new full frame Canon 6D.  Likewise, the 7D Mark II should be accompanied by the lower-end 70D and Rebel T5i/700D, replacing the 60D and Rebel T4i, respectively.

Rumors further suggest that the 7D Mark II will sport a higher-resolution APS-C format sensor – with no further word on other specifications for the camera.  However, I would expect a sports/wildlife-oriented camera (as is the case with the current 7D) and a continued push into a dual-purpose role as a video camera.

What are you looking for in the 7D Mark II, 70D or Rebel T5i?

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  1. says

    As a current owner of 50D, I would like the 70D to return to the magnesium alloy body of 50D. No need for higher res sensor. Rather they upped the ISO capability and improved noise performance. Ditch the gimmiky swivelling screen – this is supposed to be a Pro-Am camera.

    The 60D was not a good successor to 50D which is a great camera

    • Frederik Delacourt says

      While I agree on the construction comments and the improvements on ISO and noise reduction capability, I have to completely disagree on the swivelling screen! This is a great addition for me and helps taking pictures with the camera in low or very high position. It also helps to protect the screen when transporting…

    • darren says

      You’re joking me- the swivel screen is very, very useful. Ignoring how cheap and gimmicky it seems (which it certainly does), it’s a very helpful addition, particularly for DSLR video recording. Don’t like it? Just leave it in the default position like a ‘normal’ DSLR.

      Touch-screens, on the other hand…

    • Chris says

      Frankly, I love the 60d for some of the features you don’t. Light weight (plastic housing) is key to me bringing this camera backcountry skiing and climbing. Swivel screen is excellent for video and some remote shots. Of course, the 6d may pull me away from the 60d.

  2. Paul Parkinson says

    As the (lucky) owner of a 7D and a 50D I’m not really looking for a new camera body right now. The two fulfill my needs. However, the 7D could do with a refresh and the GPS / wifi capabilities of the 6D would be most welcome.

    I don’t want to see the sych speed drop below the 1/250th of the current 7D – I ruled out the upgrade to the 6D for this reason.

    Also, don’t even THINK about dropping Compact Flash support. Twin CF slots would be brilliant.

  3. Jamie says

    Full frame? All single figure canons should be full frame! And agree with both above Paul Parkinson and Ian young, good valid comments.

  4. luke says

    I cannot believe that Canon keeps giving us the same damn noise levels as ten years ago.
    Listen-up Canon! We want ‘ZERO’ noise at ISO 100 and 200 in RAW files; drop the friggen megapixel race and give us no noise, we don’t give a sh_t about megapixels anymore, do you understand Canon? The Nikon D800 has over 30 megapixels and gives us ‘ZERO’ noise in RAW files at ISO 100 and 200, so take a lesson, Nikon is kicking Canon’s ass; actually, Canon seems to have reached the zenith of their capabilities from what i can see, Nikon, Sony, and Pentax are outclassing Canon at a lower price.

    Canon offers no RAW development onboard the camera, plus they are too useless to gives us 60fps at 1080p, but Sony is giving us that in a $599 SLR. Panasonics GH3 craps all over Canon.
    And that dweeb above that said he doesn’t want an articulating screen, well thats your stupid problem, i am a professional and i want the articulating screen, it is truly helpful and relevant, i like to do shots from over my head and at ground-level, and the rotating screen enables me to see what i’m shooting from those angles with ease, so it is a professional feature; if you want to stay stuck in the dark ages then go get yourself a film-camera, most of us users out here want state-of-the-art technology. The Canon 4Ti is a flop, because Canon has been caught napping and has taken their eye off the ball. We want full video capability with at least 56 mbps, no rolling shutter effect, no moire, very simple Canon, why do you refuse to give it. And the visual design and appeal of the 4Ti looks ridiculous, doesn’t Canon know how to design a good-looking SLR?
    And even Canons onboard creative filters are a load of junk, there is hardly any useful ones at all. We need and want ‘at least’ 250th sec flash-sync speeds. Stop screwing us around Canon!
    If Canon is unable to give us a noise-free sensor then they should just pull-out of the SLR game, because the noise in their current midrange DSLR’s has not improved at all recently, why do they suppose that we out here are happy to have that level of noise which they land us with, go jump in the creek Canon. either get rid of all noise at ISO 100 and 200 in RAW files or i will never ever buy a Canon again, simple as that.
    I judge DSLR’s today by the video performance and capabilities and their noise performance, everything else is par for the course, so get on it and stop wasting our time with your junk Canon, your good name was gone long ago, and by the way, your lenses are way overpriced, just who the hell do you think you are Canon?? You certainly want be getting a cent from me Canon, that’s for sure.

  5. says

    Luke – you dont sound much of a professional to me. If the articulating screen were that imporatnt it would have been incorporated into the 1D and 5D. Dont see it in the Nikon range either!

    As for noise levels on D800, your assertion that they are noise free is contrary to the reviews of professional that I know who use them. Very good on noise but not zero.

    The post asked for what you wished to see – not a general rant against Canon or indeed other contributors.

  6. Isoruku says

    I’d certainly like to see dual card slots and an effective in-camera elimination of chromatic aberration a la Nikon. I’m a Nikon user but love the way the 7D feels. And as of this month’s Photokina I really wonder to what degree Nikon will continue to build semi-pro APSC cameras. A D300s replacement is way overdue. If the 7D Mk II is tough, weather-sealed, and gives me two card slots and a way to lessen CA in-camera, I’d be tempted to switch.

  7. Scott says

    7d Mark II: Resolution is fine, don’t mess with it. Noise is the problem.
    Get the sensor right before you make it bigger. Buy sensors from Sony if you can’t get it right.
    This is the flagship APS-C camera. Don’t understand why people keep asking for full-frame on everything. There are plenty of full-frame cameras available. There’s a reason why they’re more expensive. Just buy one.
    Focusing system works fine, but Canon should invest some time in making naming of modes and menus for focusing more intuitive. Many complaints about 7d focusing were because of the non-intuitive modes and menus, and steep learning curve for new users.

    70d: I bought a 60d and returned it, because I already have a T2i for casual photography.
    For a thousand dollars, I expect a serious camera. Go back to the 40d/50d style: metal body, two wheels, joystick. For now, I’m keeping my 50d.

    Both: I know this won’t happen but: Why can’t Canon (and the other brands) just bring out a full-featured, dedicated drop-dead video camera for maybe $1500, and stop jamming video crapola into their still cameras. I know, “just don’t use it.”, but I’m paying for crap that I have no use for, and the extra buttons and mikes and plugs take up real estate that could be used better. Plus, we could stop hearing complaints from video fans about why still cameras don’t have the features that $25,000 video cameras have.
    A camera can be optimized for one thing or the other, but not both.
    Sorry. End of rant.

    • Dave Pierce says

      Scott, I couldn’t agree more with you. I don’t even have a problem with a manufacturer maintaining hybrid DSLR’s in their line for those that do want both capabilities. I just wish that the lines offered still only DSLR’s and what that brings in cost advantages and better control options. I’m sure there are enough still only shooters out there to support such an offering.

      • Scott says

        Just read an interesting article that explains why we’re probably stuck with the video junk forever.
        Has to do with marketing; it allows the manufacturer to sell the same product into two markets and increases sales volume.
        So they’re not going to stop and they’re probably not ever going to offer still-only cameras again.

  8. Luiz Muzzi. says

    The 7D is almost a perfect camera for a sports/nature photographer.
    I think Canon should incorporate the GPS, HDR, the 3.2 LCD screen with better resolution and the larger viewfinder of the 6D.
    And please do not mess with the cross-type focus points and the fast continuos shooting rate.

  9. vitamin_s says

    7D is actually a very good camera, except its not usable in todays world because of the noise. The reason I mention todays world is because of the competition.

  10. Tom Austin says

    7D improvement wish list. Top 6 requests, in priority order.
    1. Lower noise at higher ISO
    2. GPS built into the body
    3. WiFi built into the body or support for Eye-Fi memory cards (2 slots, one for CompactFlash, one for SDHC)
    4. Weather proofing improvements
    5. Bump up top ISO by 2 stops
    6. Wireless viewing and operation via Android and iOS devices

    I actually thought about writing:
    1. Lower noise at higher ISO
    2. Lower noise at higher ISO
    3. Lower noise at higher ISO

    but figured you don’t need the humor.

  11. ALLAN says

    The Canon 650d`s touchscreen outperforms all other canon cameras in these rants, i bet you could outperform a 60d, 7d etc in set-up modes with the 650d, i hardly think its a flop, it can take just as good a picture if not, better than the 60d or 7d, dont hammer this little camera, feature wise its kickin itself nearer and nearer what the 60d and 7d have, it can easily match the 60d`s FPS and it now incorporates the 60d`s auto focus sensor and it easily beats the 7d`s old fashioned fixed lcd, so my contradicting friends think again, it certainly aint no flop and you can all argue with me all you want, but i still stand by what i just posted, the 60d and 7d are now old fashioned flops.

  12. mrchuck1a1a says

    I would love to see the 70D with a removable articulating LCD screen that, with an included tether/cord could trigger the shutter and perform some other, at least basic functions. I expect to see 21Mp resolution.

  13. DON'T REMEMBER says

    Replaced my trusty 40D w/ the 50D. Also have a 5D Mk II. Unfortunately, the 50D developed a circuit board problem and it was over $250 for CANON to replace. Traded it in to a used camera dealer. Really liked the 50D…. now almost wished I spent the money to repair it. Don’t need the video mode of the 7D or 5D Mk II.
    Don’t quite understand all the rancor about switching form CANON to NIKON. What about your investment in the glass? Doesn’t that count for anything? And, to the person that claimed that CANON lenses are overpriced….. has he ever looked at the prices of NIKON lenses? All their DECENT (PRO & SEMI-PRO) lenses eclipse the price of the CANON lenses by hundreds of dollars!!
    Think some of the posts here are “over the top” arrogant & unprofessional for supposed “professionals”.

  14. says

    Personally, I’m looking forward to the 60D upgrade ASAP, especially after the T4i came out with as good our better specs in every area than the 60D. I like the size as it is and don’t have a problem with the body being plastic covered aluminum. I came to Canon from Olympus E-30 and bought the 60D with the hope the next upgrade would have at least the 7D specs without the size and weight. Hope I was right. I also like the swivel screen as it helps tremendously in framing hard to reach shots and also protects screen when closed.

  15. Steve says!i=1786201655&k=B5BRLsr

    The above link has a fair number of shots taken with my favourite combination – the 60D and the 400 5.6. I also have a 40D and a 100 2.8 Macro with me. I have sold my 7D as I find the lighter weight odf the 60D and the articulated screen a real winner. I take a lot of shots virtually at ground level and the screen is a mustt for me. I find the 60D also seemas to focus better than the 7D. I love the 5D2 but need the crop factor for bird shots so tend to keep this body for weddings and portraiture. I travel a good deal and weight is very important factor for me. I find it ironic that the camera I use the most is the cheapest I own.

  16. Dean Opper says

    I have a T2i and I have been waiting to replace it. I personally can’t wait for the new 7D to come out. I just hope it switches to SDHC memory cards. I have a lot of them. And I have a lot of Glass that I need to keep using.

  17. Radek says

    I don’t agree with Jamie. I think 1.6 crop camera with specs to satisfy professionals is something many are looking for. Since canon is not making any good AND affordable telephoto zoom lens (they stuck with decade old 100-400 and don’t seem to be able to make anything better for less than $3000) we need something with smaller matrix for sport and wildlife pics.
    I already have 7D and 5D II. I expect 7D II to improve noise level, as 7D without Lightroom would be kinda useless camera for pros. I agree that Canon is loosing now with competitors. Seems they left Canon way behind. I wish they would not change battery. Many serious photographers own combo: FF 5D and APSC 7D. Carrying around different batteries and chargers is just bloody crazy. I’m really disappointed with Canon that they are not trying to make good cameras to please photographers, they just want to make lots of money on everything. I know, I know… That’s how those companies survive, but I believe those two things could go together. Slightly more megapixels would be nice. I like on/off switch on 7D, hate solution used in 5D. Do we really need faster camera? Well, sure would be nice, but for me 7D is fast enough. Better autofocus and light meter and most of all better pictures quality, this is what I would be willing to pay for.

  18. Bron says

    I have a 7D for insects/bird shots.
    The crop factor is vital for these shots, especially macro.
    I bought the 5DMkIII – a brilliant camera which isn’t suited to the work I do shown above. I love it for low light work, eg music gigs on stage etc, portraits –
    but please Canon don’t make 7D2 full frame!!
    Improvements for the 7D2?
    Noise reduction without sacrificing clarity and detail.
    And the tilting screen could be useful at times.
    Lose the built-in flash

    cheers :)

  19. Eon says

    Just like I said before, we need” Dyson” to come along and develop a DSLR full frame that will turn camera industries on its side, just like he did with the Vacuum cleaners, they are still trying to catch up after all these years and can’t..