Sony RX1 Full Frame Camera Leaks Out


Sony RX1

Clearly styled after the RX100, the upcoming Sony RX1 has leaked out ahead of its expected announcement later this week.

The Sony RX1 is expected to sport a full frame 24MP sensor (likely the same sensor inside the Sony A99), a Zeiss 35mm f/2 fixed lens, and a price tag of $2799.

Sony RX1

The RX1 is further rumored to feature 14-bit RAW capture, ISO 100-25,600 sensitivity, 5 fps frame rate and, of course, 1080/60p AVCHD video capture.

Sony RX1

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  1. Scott says

    Interesting. Hope it has some kind of viewfinder.

    It seems bit pricey, but if there’s an EVF, its closest competitor would be the Leica M with 35mm Summicron. (for $10,000 and up.)

  2. jiko says


    and no…. this is no revollution and only a waste of time..
    so next 12 months go round, because they crapp many types on it,
    each has something but not the part i need. Is modular thinking so
    heavy, is it this virulent marketing bullshit in smartphone kidi kid now
    ore a legitmation to make the a 99 around 4000 dolars and so on…

    one day on releas i would see alll in one..
    -and why why no changabele modus for lense.
    3 lenses etz..
    -please no app-show on it but a superfast and smart way to remote and work with it.
    -3000 dollars are 50% of a now coming f800 f 4 f film camera
    and so what?

    -will next nex7-xyz now fall in price to 450 dollars, because all are running to
    fullsensor? fine

  3. Daniel says

    Lol…jiko, what’s your problem? Who cares about what you think? Why Sony did it? Because they can. End of story.

    Why this is not a problem? Because Sony didn’t go to court to ban other products from the market leaving everyone with fewer choice, like some rotten company did last month. So that’s why nobody cares if Sony comes up with a silly camera, people still do have MORE CHOICE of BETTER CAMERAS, unlike the smartphone market.

    Just read the article, think…if you like it, get it…if not, get lost…there’s millions of other cameras to choose from.


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