Nikon D600, Cheaper Full Frame Camera Rumored

Nikon D600

The Nikon D600 may be the camera that a lot of prosumer shooters have been waiting for . . . that is, if rumors of its specs and price point turn out to be true.  Nikon Rumors has posted rumored specifications of a 24MP full frame D600 set to be released later this summer (pre-Photokina, which is in September).

The big kicker though is a price point that is rumored to be as low as $1500 (half the price Nikon D800).  This would open up full frame cameras to a whole new market.

Key rumored specs include:

  • 24MP CMOS sensor (manufactured by Sony)
  • HD video capture
  • 39 AF points
  • 5fps
  • Dual SD card slots (with Eye-Fi support)
  • 1/250s flash sync
  • Built-in GPS
  • No internal AF motor (autofocusing w/ AF-S lenses only)

What do you think?  Would those of you considering APS-C cameras like the D7000 or D300s/D400 be interested in a D600 with the above specs?



    • Mister M says

      Yes! But the majority won’t be buying them! It is ridiculous if Nikon decides to do this. Who the hell has $1500 dollars to throw away for a camera that does not have IF motor??? At least i am one of them, and $1500 is not cheap either. I will not be selling my D lenses to buy new ones. That is the dummest thing i have ever heard. I understand that Nikon, just as any other company/corporation is trying to get out of this bad economy, but come on man!! An entry level camera (body) is about $500 bucks, not $1500. And, okay, it will be a FX body, make it $800 to a 1000 max.

  1. Morg says

    Bang on thats what I want my D200 is long in the tooth the D800 is to much not sure what the D400 will look like but this sounds sweet!

  2. says

    This is exactly what I wanted Canon to do. But I was thinking 15MP, NO video, a nice auto focus, maybe out of the 7d but definitely full frame. $1500. Grrr canon. Please dont make me buy nikkor glass too.

  3. Larry Arrington says

    Not bad specs. I’m particularly happy that Nikon finally is adding GPS to a camera that is not a point and shoot.

  4. Petur Stefansson says

    This is very interesting and if the rumors are right then I will definitely consider this camera!

  5. catfish252 says

    I hope it does have an internal focus motor. Thats a deal breaker for me since I have a D300s.

  6. Dave Pierce says

    This could be the final straw that breaks the Pentax’s camel back. There are so many of us that have been begging and pleading for FF with no response. At this price point one could change systems, and still afford a good pro quality lens to go with it as a starting kit.
    Sounds awfully good to me!!!

  7. Orb Emmel says

    No AF motor, no buy for me… It looks like a full-frame, “diet” version of the D7000, so I’ll stick with my D7000 for a while.

    That kind of body would never make my wish list for Nikon gear… What I’d like to see is:
    – a D700 with the D4 sensor and NO video
    – a replacement for the 300mm f/4, which would introduce VR
    – an updated version of the 180mm f/2.8 (VR, N, M/A-A, AF-S)
    – a more affordable FX alternative to the 14mm f/2.8 ED (which then could also be an option as a true wide DX prime)
    – the return of the PC 28mm f/3.5 as a more affordable alternative to the PC-E 24mm

    • Steve says

      I agree. I have never used video on either of my video capable cameras. I have a different camera much better suited for that. Not every device has to be a Swiss army knife.

      • Andrey says

        Absolutely agree. I never used video in photo cameras also. I have panasonic video camera which was invented for that…Built in GPS is great but it’s not the main reason to but or not, but no AF motor is a problem. I have to throw out my 80-200, 85mm, 24mm, 14mm…Who’s going to buy 24-700mm for this camera or if buy cheep fx lenses (not so many with AF motor) what is the point of full frame?

  8. John says

    To give you everything you want without taking sales away from the D800 is not possible, nor does it make any sense for Nikon. The specs listed here makes it appropriate for an entry-level full-frame camera.

  9. says

    What is with these guys who say No Video! Get with the program, actually, get off the grass, we want video!
    I would consider this D600 if the Video spec had FHD 60p with at least 49mbps bitrate plus manual level audio control, 24p is a crap frame-rate and should be tossed out, you might be accustomed to the juddering-effect but that to me is junk, only 60p can get rid of it, and even James cameron (Director of Avatar) is giving ultimatums that all movie-theatres upgrade their projectors and shift to 60 fps ; anyhow, a Sony a57 with AVCHD 2.0 will do me just fine for now, especially when it only costs $799; I have not seen anything to show that full-frame produces superior results to an APS/C, and don’t bother arguing, i’ve already seen all the comparisons including dynamic range and noise etc. In fact in many cases APS/C beats full-frame sometimes in these key areas, implementation of sensor technology is more important than the size of a sensor, APS/C is the compromise sweet-spot, Panasonic and Olympus sized 4/3rds is too small to achieve high-resolution low-noise.
    So, just give me ultra-low noise in RAW at ISO 100, excellent broad-spectrum colour accuracy, no moire, and a decent dynamic range and i’m happy, the rest can be done post-processing.
    While i’m here, a note to the camera companies, up the damn video bitrate and make sure you give us manual level audio control; also we want and need 1/200th sec flash sync always, even in midrange DSLR’s, Sony provides a crappy 1/160th sec flash sync, this is crap, utter crap!

  10. Stuart says

    A full-frame censor without a internal focus motor? You know how expensive a more recent AF-S lens usually with VR is? Always greater than 300 bucks unless you buy used. I hope that’s not true. 39 AF points is meh. Other than those two, it still seems promising. I’m going to upgrade soon from the D5100, so I will keep an eye on D600.

  11. comicalalien says

    Great! Can’t wait!

    Who needs an in body focus motor?
    Alot of Nikon’s best lenses are now the newer ED, Aspherical, nano-coated AF-S lenses anyway!

    A light, cheaper, easier to use, and portable FX DSLR – What’s not to like?
    24MP is the perfect balance between resolution and high ISO image quality on a FX sensor.

    Who wants to lug around a massive D4 or handle massive 36MP files from a heavyish D800?

  12. richard says

    Bring this baby on…….It sure sounds like a BIG winner…that D800 is to expensive

  13. Davy793 says

    If true, it will be interesting to see what Sony’s response will be as they are due to bring out the A99 and others soon. Lack of AF motor would be a setback. Great price, but will wait until all the cards have been dealt.

  14. John says

    Not all that worried about the focus motor, as long as it will meter with ‘D’ lenses.
    Not worried about any aspect of video
    Assume everything else is equal to or better than D7000. (lower resolution inDX crop is not a huge concern)
    Would like to have the DX crop mode & 1.2x crop mode (for raw)
    Higher frame rates in crop modes would be very nice (and/or via add-on battery grip)
    Could be a very good all-rounder. Not the worlds best at anything in particular but highly competent for landscape, wildlife, portrait, travel, sports, event and general photography.

  15. Paulus says

    Nice, but without a motor…..
    I don’t know. In that case you better buy a D3200, also 24 Mp

  16. Commander says

    Nikon can’t even supply the demand for the D800, god knows when your likely to see this one on the shelfs.

  17. sundeep says

    great !!!! having just stretched myself to buy a d800 at its “admin error corrected price”
    plus it will have GPS which I would have really liked.

    Not that I am complaining about the D800 but the green/blue tinting on the screen is disappointing and perhaps that also explained the creeping increase in full frame lens prices !

  18. sundeep says

    Oh yes and an extra frame per second for less money – Are Nikon in danger of becoming the Tesco of the camera world – i.e., not giving a dam

  19. James says

    I’d buy; but would want internal motor and at least 5 or more shot auto bracketing and up to 1 or 2 full step increments….Build it and I will come!

  20. dick ranez says

    A D700 at 2199 available now is a whole lot more appealing than some unannounced, unavailable and undeliverable pipe dream later.

  21. GARY PARHAM says


  22. Joe Bob Whozis says

    I have a D300s now. Most of my shooting is indoor sports, where the 1.5x crop and a 70-200 is just about a perfect combination. I would love to be able to use ISO 6400 and 12800, which I really can’t now. However, I’m not sure I can give up the reach of the 1.5x crop, and I sure don’t want to give up the fps.

  23. Jorginho says

    Well, I have a Panny G1 and Gh2. GH2 is a very nice cam etc. My sis has a D90 and a D7000. Very nice cams, but just not much better than the Gh2. She wants the Gh2 actually now and the D800 too. I was always interested in a fullframe but not at 3000 euro (lenses are costly too). So the D600 sounds really appealing! The 24 MPixel sensor on a FF sounds as perfect, we know Sony sensors are something special (very good DR) and high ISO will be great too.
    If it will be 1500 euro, this cam will be my cam for Aurora Borealis and landscaping especially. The GH2 can do that too, but it will be the cam I take with me most of the time and if I want to shoot some excellent movie. So yes: bring the D600 on!

  24. Mark Douglas says

    A D7000 is just about enough to make serious money on posters down / buying a d600 you are really gonna spend a lot on lenses. I own a D7000 and believe me its an okay 5frps 16mpx cam, combined with PS cs6 extended/ you don’t really need a 24Mpx nikon should best the nikon D7000 with a D7000b that video captures at 60frps 1080p 18mpx, illuminating buttons at night , same battery or better, built in gps and eye-fi. If you dont look out you’ll be getting youself a new camera every year..

  25. Simon A. says

    If only Nikon could come up with a better version of their 24 pc-e, I would shift to that brand for architectural work. D800 exposure range and RAW data manipulation is bumping competition behind. Same with the D600 I guess and 24MP looks perfect to me, good trade between still photography and day to day use where fast shooting is needed.

    I heard of a 17mm pc-e patent issued by Nikon?

  26. Joseph McGinn says

    The absence of an internal autofocus motor would exclude it for me. All of my present lenses would be redundant!

  27. Bob says

    @Joseph McGinn, brother that lenses you have can not get away from the camera maximum D600, so the lenses you have should replace with new and better. Using old lenses with D without labels AFS on this camera there is no sense or gain.

  28. Bob says

    One day, and as soon as possible, we will all go to the AFS. Are faster, more accurate, better capabilities and optical quality of the glass … I guess we should go ahead … Objectives pursued by a screwdriver to keep beginners APSC …slower, often waving a focus, a bit of diaphragm blades, fewer elements in smaller groups. not coated glass with anti-fogging . and many small but very important details for better picture quality. How long are we going to use the old lenses from 1965 for example? Give the D600 on sale for 1500 euros and you will see how to sell them! This will be the best selling camera of all time! And Canon’s funeral will experience very quickly. The others I will not say that because they were never any competition. :-)

  29. Steve says

    I’m a D90 user, and I would buy this for 2 reasons:-
    1 – depth of field – when I pay lots for an f1.4 lens, I’m mainly doing so to get the creative option of a thin DOF.
    2 – nostalgia – the 28/50/135mm lenses give me the FOV I was used to in the days of film)

    Bring it on :-)

  30. Steve says

    I’m a D90 user, and I would buy this for 2 reasons:-
    1 – depth of field – when I pay lots for an f1.4 lens, I’m mainly doing so to get the creative option of a thin DOF.
    2 – nostalgia – the 28/50/135mm lenses give me the FOV I was used to in the days of film)
    Bring it on :-)

  31. Paul says

    I see all these people saying since it doesn’t have and If motor it is a deal breaker for them since they have a lot of d lenses. Do none of you none know how to manually focus a lens? I have been doing photography since before auto focus ever came on a camera. Back then you either focused manually or your shot was out of focus. Sports, portraits, nature, wildlife, it didn’t matter. You learned how to focus and you developed and eye for it and learned to do it well. People now are just getting flat out lazy. Me personally, I would have to say no to the D600 and would actually opt for the D400 instead. I have compared the specs and the D400 actually has better specs. It has a better sensor, more accurate AF system for you use it, has a better frame rate for those who may want to do some sports. I own a D800 and love it. Neither of these compare image quality wise to the D800, but the extra frame rate would be nice for shooting my niece and nephew in their sport events. I am a semi pro photographer with almost 30 years experience. I have seen a lot of cameras over my career and have learned what to look for. The D800 was the right choice for me for my primary photography which is nature and landscape. No camera can do its full potential without good glass on the front of it. And of course even the best camera and lens is only as good as the one using it. O see where people here say the D800 is too expensive, and they are both right and wrong. It is all weighed against who is looking at it , what they are using it for, but maybe most important, how much they are willing to pay verses what they can afford. $3000 is a lot to pay for a camera, however the D800 is worth it. I didn’t outright buy mine. I couldn’t afford to. I started saving up for mine from the time I first started seeing solid rumors about the camera, its specs and its possible release dates. When it was announced, I had enough saved to order mine and I did. I am now looking for another camera as a side kick. I was going to buy a D7000, but after reading all the specs for the D400 and D600 and comparing them to the D7000, I have concluded the D400 is the best choice between the 3 cameras.

  32. Johnfrom NC says

    Hi Guys & Gals,
    I am not a photo guy and just want to shoot Hi Quality HD Video of my kids sporting events that are bright sun and at night. I need to stay in the $1000 range. Should I go with a DLSR like you all have mentioned here or a Prosumer video camera similar to the Sony Hxr-Mc50u Camera? I really don’t shoot stills and don’t understand all the settings. I would really appreciate any feedback.