1. Mike says

    The best camera review I think I’ve seen! Thank you for your honesty and desire to see how the cameras truly compared to one another, knowing th limitations of each before hand.

    Gratefully Yours
    Mike B

  2. Shane says

    Og course there gonna b boist they shout hassleblad and canon

    And it doesn’t state was the Nikon shot in adobe rgb where it would have got more skin tone colours etc or 12 or 14bit your man even said how high did the Nikon go he didn’t even know a basic setting come on like

  3. Tom Chmara says

    Interesting test; good to see the honest appraisal – but there were a couple of details absent. I have to assume they ran at 14-bit RAW (but it’s a bit disquieting that they didn’t mention it). The comparison regarding ‘skin tones’ was also interesting – as apparently they never considered using any other RAW converter than the one in the LR 4.1 (beta, no less). Given the converter can make a huge difference in the outcome – perhaps the whole demo was, maybe, a bit premature?

  4. says

    Very good review. It was apples to apples which is important.

    I have the H3dII-50 and purchased the D800 weeks ago. I would have to say that I agree with the findings except for 1 major issue. I did the similar tests with the 50 vs 80mm prime and on that measure the Nikon was close to the Hassy only in the center of the frame.
    When I tried the 24-70 Nikkor vs my 35-90 HCD is was all over. The Nikon zoom is in no way near the ball park in comparison. Granted the 35-90 is 4x the cost and enormous but the Nikon just falls apart with any of the zooms I tried. Being a landscape shooter corner performance is important to me especially when I am stitching for a pano.

    This is an issue that can be fixed by Nikon with improved glass however I would assume that people are not going to want to pay the dues for a zoom that is in the class of the 35-90 HCD.

    Now if Hasselblad could lighten this tank of a stainless clad workhorse I would be ecstatic.
    For the price it could be titanium.