Canon Cinema EOS Teaser for April 15

Canon NAB Teaser

As expected, it looks like Canon has big plans in place for NAB 2012.  Engdaget broke news of this teaser, which takes place the night before the NAB Show exhibits open.  While the Internet is scrambling at guesses of what this “exclusive screening” will be, it seems rather clear that it will relate to the new Cinema EOS line (see prior invite below).

Canon November 3 Teaser for EOS C300

Canon teased its November 3, 2011 EOS C300 announcement with an identical graphic and a tag line of "The Story Begins."

The new teaser doesn’t suggest an announcement will take a place at NAB; however, I don’t think it’s a stretch for us to expect an update and more details on the 4K DSLR teased alongside the C300’s announcement.

Canon 4K DSLR

What do you think Canon has up its sleeve for NAB?  Sound off in the comments below.

Whatever the case, I’ll be sure to follow along closely with it and provide updates from the show floor at NAB if anything exciting surfaces.

[Engadget via Photo Rumors]



  1. Sathish says

    Surely it is a 4K Semi-Pro, Indy film maker movie camera around $12 to 15,000 price range.

  2. axel says

    Doesn’t matter, they Canon like the other companies simply need to stop playing games with incremental feature updates and releasing cameras with noisy sensors like the current crop of noisy 18 megapixel deadbeats, and instead give us cameras worthy of our money and admiration. All i’m concerned about is ultra low noise sensors with bleeding edge per-pixel sharpness and astoundingly accurate colour rendition, plus also 60fps AVCHD 2.0 video (like Sony is now giving us – by the way, 24p video can go jump, who needs that judder inducing slow framerate junk -think people! THINK for once in your weird stupid lives), also manual level audio control and running at 56mbps bitrate (28 mbps still shows artifacts and us really unacceptable), also we need a larger range of QUALITYrelevant useable lovely built in effects filters, plus HDR able to be applied in RAW shooting modes, and RAW editing onboard able to be saved as either 8 or 16 bit TIFF files onboard (ala Pentax K5) and much better battery life, plus 50 shots able to be taken in high-speed burst mode before the buffer slows down, and also a back LCD with unscratchable Gorilla glass which absorbs 99% of reflections for clear viewing on sunny days. These are the sorts of things these companies should be giving us, not token gesture junk, but they keep screwing us around, i’m sick of their wilful deliberate negligence, i’m over it, i’ve been waiting for one decade and were still getting deliberately compromised junk delivered to us. I’m expecting nothing but the same old junk to keep showing up from these incompetent pigheaded senseless companies.

  3. Peter Hewlett says

    I think Axel needs a cup of tea and a valium. Who produces a camera to Axels specification ????

  4. Sathish says

    Axel – While I see your points, I do not agree. Current 18 MP Canon sensors are not deadbeat. Infact when lauanched almost 2 years ago (7D, T2i and then 60D), they were top of the game in APS-C with pixel and noise. Also there are already cameras as per your wish list in the 1D range. Are you willing shell out more than $5K for a body unless you are a paid pro? Most of us 95% of the time take single shot.

  5. jose says

    I think Axel is a complete dumbass, deliberately stupid and naive. See the bigger picture asshole and stop with your narrow minded remarks. AVCHD is one of the worst compression formats available. The noise levels on these sensors are far superior to anything you tried to mention. Do me a favor read up on cameras before you go on idiotic rants like you just did.