Canon 5D Mark III Has Headphone Output and (hopefully) Audio Monitoring

5D Mark III Headphone Out

I was sitting here squinting at some of the lower resolution photos of the Canon 5D Mark III looking to see what that top port was on the left side and someone emailed me a link to a high-res crop.  

Turns out that my suspicion was right.  This was a big question and a big “duh” on the 1D X.  Those leaked pics reveal that the 5D Mark III has a headphone out, which is almost certainly for monitoring in-camera audio.

Now, let’s just hope we have proper metering and control over audio levels during recording…

[via CRF – Thanks D.]



  1. says

    Dear Eric,

    Great finding. I was trying to figure out the same thing, but was too blurry in the low res pictures.

    Hopefully Canon will let the users not only monitor the audio levels, but also change them WHILE recording! (Please Canon… it’s not that hard…)


    • says

      Yeah, that’s kinda key. Fingers crossed.

      Also, big kudos to the guy who emailed me the pic. I’d probably still be squinting at the low-res version if I hadn’t got this.