RED Scarlet “Is Now a Professional Camera”


November 3 (that’s tomorrow folks) is shaping up to be an epic day for camera news.  RED’s Jim Jannard has let loose a bit of a teaser on the RED Scarlet, which will be officially (re?)-unveiled tomorrow.

On November 3rd at 6pm PST, details surrounding our third camera SCARLET will be announced on and

Technical specifications, shipping, and purchasing information will be revealed, putting to rest all of the lingering speculation and anticipation.

In a further tease, Jannard revealed on the RED User forums that the Scarlet is going to be a pro-level camera now.

Scarlet is now a professional camera. It will be more expensive. And there will be no discounts for RED ONE owners.

That is all the bad news there is…

In addition to the RED Scarlet, Canon has big plans with an announcement of its own at Paramount Studios in Hollywood.  Many rumors have circulated as to what Canon has coming; however, there doesn’t appear to be any sure leaks of the camera’s specs.  Rumors include 4K and/or 2K cameras with EOS branding and PL and/or EF lens mounts, while I think 4K would add serious significance to Canon’s announcement.  Note that there are already some new PL-mount Super35 lenses in Canon’s lineup.

Recent patent filings from Canon reveal EOS lenses capable of use with still image capture or cinematography thanks to the rebirth of the lens aperture ring (albeit a fly-by-wire ring and not a true manual iris ring).

We’ll have all the details tomorrow.  Stay tuned.