New Canon 1-Series Spec Rumors

We’ve been in on-again/off-again mode for Canon DSLR rumors over the past couple of days.  And now, it looks like we may be on again with a new Canon 1-Series DSLR for next Tuesday, complete with specs in tow.

Canon Rumors says the new 1-Series DSLR is a lock for announcement on October 18 and here are the specs that are also supposed to be 100% genuine:

  • 1D/1Ds line is about to be amalgamated. (Name Unknown)
  • Full Frame
  • 18mp
  • 12 fps
  • 61 AF Points
  • New Battery
  • Available in March
  • Price unknown

My thoughts?

I’ve gotten a couple of emails and had one call late last night that make me want to believe Canon Rumors on this one, and that my prior cited source may not have all the info available to them.  If that’s the case, Canon has a big lineup of announcements over the next couple of weeks beginning with this one on October 18, followed by another one on October 26 (see here, here and here) and a big Hollywood finale on November 3.

As for the specs for the rumored new 1-series camera, it’s still a bit puzzling that camera is taking a step back on the full frame resolution and losing the APS-H format for a sports camera.  Will this spur the sale of longer lenses for the full frame sensor?  Also, 12 fps?  I thought the 1D Mark IV was still struggling in some sports situations to accurately track at 10fps, and now the mirror is moving up and down 12 times per second?  Perhaps if Canon has sufficiently tweaked the Focus-priority setting from the 1D Mark IV, the frame rate can slow to a reasonable speed in order to get a better keeper rate out of high-speed closing subjects.  And now, I’m evaluating the AF performance of a camera that doesn’t officially exist yet…  Let’s wait until Tuesday, shall we?

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