A Few More Nikon D800 Specs/Details

Nikon D700

It sure hasn’t taken long for the Nikon D800 rumor mill to gather a full head of steam.  The latest rumors/leaks suggest ISO 100-6400 with expansion down to ISO 50 and up to ISO 25,600.  Again, that’s at 36MP.

Additionally, there will be a different version of the D800 without an antialiasing filter.  Along with the D800, we’re told to expect a couple of other product announcements as well (likely lenses).

[via Nikon Rumors]



  1. says

    If it can truly shoot 36 megapixels with clean images up to 6400 ISO, then it will be the best of both worlds. Although, I’d gladly give up half those pixels for twice the ISO.

      • Turbo says

        I apologize for that word, I was a bit drunken.

        “Although, I’d gladly give up half those pixels for twice the ISO” caused my reaction. 36mp ISO 6400 vs 18mp ISO 12800 ? You can always downsize for a cleaner image (though not the same of initially clean image) but not create new info by upressing. But if you said half the res. for native IS0 50K, that would be more meaningful (= D4 ).

        Nikon could have hit the sweet spot by 24mp D800 balancing both needs, but it seems their sensor choice is driven by Sony.

  2. Alex says

    I agree with Bob too. How often do you print 1m x 1m posters? What else do you need 36 MP for? Do you realize the monitor you are using to look at your pictures is only 1 or 2 MP?

  3. SVENTOC says

    Why is everyone so obsessed by high ISO ? Why not just STICK WITH THE D700 if that suits your subject matter? as it will do that job for years to come if your lucky enough to already own one.
    Is there no Landscape photographers out there that remembers the good old days of film with those fantastic ISO ratings of 25 & 50 (those were the days).
    Give me a 36Mp 25- 800 ISO sensor any day of the year, that would do me for the rest of my days on this wonderful planet. The choice would be nice.