Canon Survey Hints at Mirrorless Camera Possibility

Canon sent out a customer survey this week, asking questions about mirrorless cameras.  If Canon is just now taking surveys for mirrorless camera options, what does that mean about serious product announcements?

Check out the questions below.

For the sake of reference, Canon sent out customer surveys in 2009 asking about DSLR’s with vari-angle LCD screens.  About a year later, we saw the Canon 60D introduced as the company’s first DSLR with a vari-angle screen.  Then the Rebel T3i followed a few months after it.

Of course, when asked about mirrorless cameras, Canon has already said it “will launch an interesting product next year.”

As for other recent surveys, Canon asked earlier this year whether Canon camera owners would be interested in a Canon-hosted online photo community.

[via Photo Rumors]



  1. dick ranes says

    The only “mirrorless” canon offering I would be interested in is one that would offer an
    adapter for FD lenses. I don’t need a third set of glass, don’t need “live view” semi focusing and don’t need another body any smaller than a digital rebel to fumble with. Canon may
    be losing market share by not entering this segment, but it would have to be a pretty
    spectacular offering to get me interested.

  2. Radek says

    Gary, I don’t think this is what they are aiming for. At least I hope it is not going to be G12 with interchangeable lenses.
    I would love to have something smaller than DSLR for bicycle trips, but as a photographer I refuse to use a TOY with a matrix smaller than my nail. Canon, please make a CAMERA, with a decent size matrix and good optics. I would even spend money on totally new lens(es) which would not work with my other equipment. I need quality! And please, no touch screen or other modern nonsense. Two or three dials do the job and are easier to use than anything else. Make it look cute like cameras in sixties and I will transfer my salaries to your account for it ;-)

  3. udi says

    I’ve always wondered why when there are such good small displays, we need a mechanical mirror and optical viewfinder in high end digital cameras. I would love a very high end digital camera that is just like the best dslr but with an electronic viewfinder. same large sensor. same lenses, same rugged quality.