Canon DSLR With Vari-Angle LCD Coming?

Canon Vari-Angle LCD Feature Survey

I just finished an online survey for Canon owners, which they send out via email every so often.  This was a “Camera Feature Survey” and it shows that Canon is thinking hard about a Vari-Angle LCD, which is listed as the 4th item in the screen capture above.

I have included a couple of screenshots as evidence of this possible feature.  Personally, I think this is something that Canon must do – at the very least on the Rebel line.  Sony’s been there for a while and Nikon is knocking socks off with the D5000‘s tilt/swivel screen, particularly for shooting video.

Canon Feature Survey



  1. Roelof van Heerden says

    Yes I would like to have an LCD which can tilt for my 450D! I do a lot of closeups and it is difficult to lye on my belly with my moth in the ground to be able to phocus, I am allmost 71years old. I usually use the direct vie with the 5X enlargment! I am in photography since 1953 when I helpt my brother takin wedding photographs with a 4 X 5 Linhoff. I also spent a year in Antarctica with my Bolex H8 and Contarex 35mm. (Still have both these, the 35mm still works fine but the Bolex is out of date with 8mm!) Thaks for your good news, I realy enjoy reading it. The latest I try with my Cannon is the Panaramic pics, I bought the Manfroto Pana attatchmets.
    Good Luck
    Roelof van Heerden (Sorry for my spelling, I am actually Afrikaans speaking but I try my best!)

  2. Paul says

    I use the vari-angle LCD on my Powershot A630 all the time when photographing my toddler. It’s great for “on the run” photos — I can walk/run with him and keep him framed pretty well while shooting with the camera down at hip- or knee level. I’m convinced that it’s the reason that I have so many successful shots of him.

    Vari-angle is also great at keeping his attention and cooperation while photographing him. I face it toward him so he can see himself! He loves it! It’s another way for me to get some more good shots of him.

    I’d like to move up to a DSLR, but the vari-angle has been so useful to me. If Canon comes out with a DSLR with vari-angle LCD, I won’t have to get the Nikon D5000. I actually like the Canon software and would like to stick with Canon to take advantage of the software filing and renaming.

    Thanks for your post. I’ll just wait to see if Canon includes vari-angle in a DSLR. (No hurry for me to upgrade.)

  3. says

    I wanted to purchase the Canon Powershot A650IS when my A620 was “permanently borrowed”, but could not find a new one on the market. I think the vari-angle lcd is a great feature and I like the Powershot size and weight. When will Canon come out with a new Powershot model that incorporates the vari-angle lcd? This is also a useful feature to keep the screen clean and reduces the potential for scratches on the surface. I think that Canon is missing the boat on consumer needs when it stopped making this type camera with the A650IS model.

  4. Sandra says

    Yes.. it’s very frustrating that Canon have stopped making their small cameras with the vari angle screen. It’s a brilliant feature and no-one else is doing it. Come on Canon! Listen to your customers on this one!! PLEASE!

  5. Victoria Irwin says

    I am so devastated that I dropped my last canon vari angle on holiday and it broke, the previous canon vari angle i had for years and loved it, before it broke and my dad said you’d stopped making them and I had to get my replacement off your ebay store just to get hold of one!! And now I have broken this one, it would cost more to repair it than to buy a new one and there are none left on your ebay site… BAD TIMES!!

    I heard that you have stopped making them because it is hard to make a compact camera small enough without having a vari screen, well thats just rubbish… yes mine was bigger than all my friends cameras… but i managed to take it out in my clutch bag!! and everyone was jealous coz you could pose and pout in it!! But student stuff aside, it was amazing for getting shots of crowds from high angles and abscure floor angles too. I miss it, I have been 6 months without it now and I keep checking your ebay site just incase my lovely powershot A630 comes back :(

    There is such a high demand for it i just dont understand what your doing!!

  6. mark Bickerstaff says

    I going to defect back to Nikon for my DSLR purchase. I love my power shot bridge camera. I’d now like to shoot in raw. The tilt screen is invaluable so it’s the D500 for me. sorry I would like to have stayed with Cannon

  7. lil_heiffer says

    I too have a Canon Powershot, and my favorite thing about it is the Vari-angle lense. Its perfect for short people like me to to hold it above you head, over the crowd to get a better shot, and still see what you’re shooting… or getting an underneath shot of a flower. This feature is incredible and invaluable!
    I’m ready to upgrade now, i’ve been waiting for 2 years for Canon to come out with an SLR that has a vari- angle lense (just like the PowerShot). I love Canon, but the Nikon D5000 has been out for about a year now, and Canon still hasn’t jumped on the band wagon. Sorry Canon, you snooze, you loose! in this case you are loosing thousands of fans and loyal customers to another company. You already have a vari-angle camera line and technology… you know you had a good thing going, so why fix what ain’t broken?? shoulda stuck with what you had, Canon, I’m not waiting around anymore… Nikon has my purchase (as of this week actually)!

  8. says

    for me too its very frustrating that they stop small cameras with vary angle.
    Waiting for the day that canon will launch this ,but all the hopes are gone now.

    Samsung has launched camera with both side lcd.almost serve the same purpose but still cant be vary angle like.

    I hope day will come when others will develop much flexible than canon.Beacsue canon gave the chance to others .

    Bad luck canon.

    its true loosing thousands of fans……But canon don’t care ….but i hope others are…

  9. Jon says

    All this hoopla over Nikon and Canon going for a vari-angle screen when Olympus have been using them since2006 with the first ever live view dslr – the e330; then followed that with the e3, then the e30 and a year ago (Feb 09) the e620.

    Where Olympus leads Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Sony, Samsung all eventually follow.

  10. Zairi says

    I owned a powershot SX10is bridge camera. Love the vari angle LCD.

    Would love very much to upgrade to DSLR but sadly can’t depart with vari angle LCD. Seems that can no longer stick to Canon.

    Sony & Nikon now getting my attention.
    (why oh canon, why?)

  11. Danilo F. Ingan-eng says

    Vari angle lcd should top the list of important feature of a camera most especially in the travel zoom category.
    Actually I don’t understand why with so many blogs, articles, discussions, etc about travel camera features by noted writers they forget to include the most important activity in travel photography – the self shot pictures taken let’s say without a little help from their friends. Otherwise you must not travel alone.
    Otherwise those who responded to the survey are mostly professional photographers who ranks viewfinder/performance at the top because quantity they make for a living. For the majority or regular camera users quality, vari angle lcd leads the pack like the race of rabbit and the turtle. This time of course the rabbit didn’t take a nap.