Nikon V1 and J1 Mirrorless Cameras

Nikon Mirrorless Camera

It looks like the names and specs for the upcoming Nikon mirrorless camera models have finally slipped out.  According to Nikon Rumors, the Nikon V1 and J1 are rumored to be the initial models in the new Nikon mirrorless camera system.

As previously rumored, the cameras will feature a 2.7x crop sensor dubbed as Nikon’s CX format.  The new cameras are expected to feature a 10.1MP image sensor and capture 1080p HD video.

Additional key specs are rumored as follows:

  • ISO 100-3200 (ext. to ISO 6400)
  • Phase-difference and Contrast AF
  • 3″ LCD
  • High-res EVF (V1 only)
  • Built-in flash (J1 only)
  • Accessory port for external flash, GPS, etc. (V1 only)
  • F-mount adapter available
  • EXPEED 3 Image Processor

Four lenses are rumored to be available at launch with the Nikon V1 and J1.

Remember, these lenses go on a 2.7x crop body, so your effective field of view will be different if you are thinking in 35mm numbers (as noted in the parentheticals above).

What do you think about these specs if they turn out to be true?  Compared to other mirrorless models from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic, will the smaller 2.7x crop sensor be able to hold its own?



  1. says

    Even a promised F mount converter won’t sway me. That it has no hotshoe, and because of that will most certainly not have a PC sync term, is the deal breaker for me.

  2. Dan says

    With the lack of a hotshoe and that relatively small sensor, this looks more like a response to the Pentax Q than it does a legitimate contender against the NEX and M4/3 systems.

    Of course, only time will tell, but what I really want to know is… WHADDYA GONNA DO, CANON?! The ball’s in your court!!

  3. Phiroze B. Javeri says

    A compact camera with a sensor as small as Nikon’s initial “mirrorless” models can easily have a fixed zoom lens to cover a wide range. It is only when sensors grow larger to improve quality of output that it becomes difficult to create lenses with a wide zoom range, and the camera requires interchangeable lenses. Adding one more sensor size to the genre of mirrorless compacts, and that, too, a smaller size, is a meaningless exercise. With Sony’s NEX7 on the horizon with a standard APS-C sensor, this Nikon is not worth a second look.

  4. Scott says

    Fuji, Sony and others have shown that it’s possible to put an APS-C sensor in a very compact body, so I’m not sure what the point is of an interchangeable lens camera with a tiny sensor.

    If it has first-rate ergonomics, a useful viewfinder, and image quality that’s amazing for the sensor size, then I might look at at, but it doesn’t fill any need that I have at the moment, I don’t particularly care about it, and I’m not sure what market it’s aimed at.

  5. axel says

    Is nikon for real? Sony’s NEX5n is a near flawless performer, and the NEX7 is unbelievably good they have new generation APS/C ultra low noise high resolution sensors and other features galore, including full HD 60 fps progressive and mind blowing performance. Samsung has its new NX200 APS/C with spectacular new generation 20 megapixel low noise performance and every other feature you could think of. Does Nikon think were all stupid, or are they just counting on the ignorance of the target market? Get a life Nikon, first you buy all your sensors from Sony, plus you don’t want to include you NX RAW conversion software with each camera sold because you want us to pay more, plus you charge more than the other companies for equivalent spec cameras because you think you are king sh_t and can do want you want. Haven’t Nikon and Canon learnt a lesson from what’s happening to America. Get off your high horse Nikon, and that goes for you too Canon, the competition are offering more features for less, doing it better, and all for cheaper, with included fully functioning RAW conversion and manipulation software, sooner or later taking the market for granted and making sales by paying salesman to push your cameras by giving them under the table kickbacks will come to an end. Between Pentax, Sony, and Samsung, the sun is setting on your dream years Nikon and Canon. Even 4/3rds junk is unacceptable as far as noise performance, how the hell does Nikon think they are going to get away with smaller sensors than these, what a pathetic debacle. Some of us actually know junk when we see it you know!

  6. mohinder khanna says

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