Canon 5D Mark III Spec Rumors Continue

Canon 5D

More rumored specs for what could/might/should be the Canon 5D Mark III have surfaced. This time we’re talking about some specs that could be quite helpful to the video shooters out there – and keep the Canon 5D line strongly grounded in the video realm.

As Canon Rumors notes, these specs were tipped for a Canon DSLR coming in 2012 and include the following:

  • OLED Screen
  • Massive jump in dynamic range
  • 4:2:2 Video (No RAW)
  • Big bump in battery life

If true, I would welcome all the changes – though I’ve been content with battery life in the 5D Mark II.  There are already some good other options for stretching out the shoot time if you need to.

What other features or specs do the 5D video shooters out there want to see?



  1. Rachel Barr says

    I’d like to see the vari-angle screen on this model. It would be just about perfect.

  2. Bob Dodd says

    Articulating screen.
    Variable frame rate.
    Dockable audio expansion to mini xlr with 4 channel.
    Real time full Rez hdmi.
    RAW out to external thunderbolt recorder.
    720p and 1080p selectable.
    No mirror option.
    FD lens adapter. Backfocus adjustable.

    • says

      Intriguing list Bob.

      I’d like to see an uncompressed HDMI-out as well. Interesting thoughts about the thunderbolt recorder too.

      And for the audio expansion, I was just talking to my pal Nick about how it would be nice to have an optional battery grip with XLRs.

      Fingers crossed.

  3. Anders Wikberg says

    Better autofocus when photographing in darker situations would be great. Nikon beat Canon with horselengths in that matter.

  4. says

    better autofocus, better autofocus, better……….. maybe even without mirror – mirror is the past – mirrorless is the future. I do use Canons AND Panasonics as well, and i love mirrorless systems -smaller cameras with huge viewfinders.

  5. says

    I would like an easy interface to quickly see images on a tablet, Android preferred.
    Also I would like radio control for multiple flash and automatic sun fill ratios.
    Not really interested in video features. An updated f/2.8 24-70 mm would be nice too.

  6. znajit says

    There is so much happening in technology that the only good note I see so far is the dynamic range of the sensor as its critical for image capture…rest like OLED are to view and not relate to image. But what about wi-fi streaming, Flash Sync to higher shutter speeds, USB3 for fast down load. Other little used but important features like mirror lock, HDR shoot, PC Wi-Fi Direct connection to control all features including shoot modes as these can not be switched on today’s cameras from remote or >30sec time or timer laps etc….

    Above are just few modes that today’s technology allows are possible and I see people happy asking very mundane features like focus or battery life! ….cry out lout, ask for bigger bang after all these cameras are not cheap and have to last 4-5 years in terms of there feature to survive.

  7. says

    All asked for in earlier posts, especially better ergonomics, weatherproofing, ISO range, double card slots, etc., etc.. And if video has to be sacrificed for some of the stills improvements, then concentrate the video updates in the 5D III and produce a targeted 3D for those who “just” want to make still images in order to satisfy two important but different customer bases.

  8. Ed says

    As Canon Rumors notes, these specs were tipped for a Canon DSLR coming in 2012 and include the following: 4:2:2 Video (No RAW) ??? amateur’s jpg for…

  9. says

    I would like radio control for multiple flash and automatic sun fill ratios. Flash Sync to higher shutter speed and a better autofocus, more image/second would also be nice please keep the full frame!!!

  10. says

    NO B****Y Video!!!!!!!!!!
    Give us a camera for taking pictures! IF I want a video camera I will buy one!
    Rack up the spec/features like 50 point auto focus etc my 5D MK2 has the same auto points as my old 30D!
    If it wasn’t for owning so much ‘L’ Series glass I’d be off to the dark side D700!!!


    • bob dodd says


      You do know that video is made up of a sequence of still frames. Increase the video specs and you will have the finest still camera money can buy!

  11. Leif says

    Totally agree with Joe! Combine the best from 5mkII with GH2 and get a good camera for stills and video!

  12. says

    I am very happy with markII, don’t think it will get much better then this and don’t you expect anything worth upgrading for unless you want a noisier sensor, lol

    5d was excellent, 5d mark2 made it better, 5d mark 3 maybe marginally better or worse than mark2… Upgrading? think twice. Buying mark3 and keeping mark 2 as backup when shooting weddings makes a lot of sence if you don’t already have a good backup camera.

    Even better, buy another mark 2 for a cheap cheap price when mark 3 comes out for the rich gear collectors.

    Anyways, on the new camera I would like to see fewer pixel sensor to decrease the noise and increase shadow detail, maybe back down to 14 mp would be an excellent FX sized sensor but really an 8mp sensor would be even better so we can say goodbye to noise.

    Those of you who shoot 21mp try shooting at 5mp and upscale the shot to 21 mp in Adobe ACR and I bet you that you won’t see a difference with the same shot shot at 21mp. So why waste your hard drive space?

    So fewer pixeled sensor
    raw video for video shooters – i don’t need it like most my colegues
    faster fps
    add moldavian language option (kidding)
    oh and share your RAW plugin with Adobe as their RAW converter sucks big time!!! I get yikky colors, I think that’s more important than any other new feature. Come on Canon, I can get better photos with rebel xt converted in DPP or Aperture than 5d mark2 files in ACR. Or should I be bitching about this to Adobe guys? Sheesh, work your differences out already!

    My name is Mark Konkolski and I live in Beautiful British Columbia

  13. Ulf says

    Possibility to run the internal lens focusmotor via +- buttons with adjustable speed for rackfocus and follow focus when filming.