32MP 1Ds Mark IV Soon, No Canon 5D Mark III Until 2012


This seems to be the most consistent rumor on the Canon side of the coin for some time now.  That is, we get a new 1Ds camera in 2011, while the 5D Mark III is pushed off until next year.

Canon Rumors received a spec list outlining the following specs for a 1Ds Mark IV (or it could be a 1D Mark V) camera to be announced later this month.

Canon 1Ds Mark IV Rumored Spec List

  • 32mp CMOS (Full Frame)
  • Evolved 45 point AF system (current 1D4)
  • Dual DIGIC 5
  • CF & SD Slots
  • New Battery
  • 3,7,9 fps
  • ISO Range 50-102,400
  • Ergonomic Changes
  • 100% VF
  • 3.2″ LCD (Highest Resolution Ever)
  • Improved AF in LiveView
  • Unknown Movie Mode and specifications
  • Unknown if there will be a wireless flash commander
  • In camera software feature upgrades

The 32MP-ish resolution range has bee thrown around a lot for the next 1Ds camera, as well as the 5D Mark III; however, these are all still rumors.  That said, the above spec list seems like a reasonable expectation and rather evolutionary, which has been the custom for the 1Ds line.

As for the 5D Mark III being pushed off until next year . . . that rumor also comes from a “known source” via Canon Rumors.  The only specifics mentioned cite a first quarter 2012 launch date.

I wouldn’t think we’d see a 5D Mark III launched around CES.  It may be a launch independent of any trade show, as Canon has not really shown any love for trade shows since it infamously declined to attend PMA a couple of years ago.  While Canon will certainly be at CES 2012, I don’t really expect any new products aside from some simple point and shoot cameras and maybe some camcorders.

If the camera hasn’t made it to store shelves by then, the first closeup look at the 5D Mark III may come at the NAB Show in April next year.  This would likely be a fitting debut for the camera due to the 5D Mark II’s Hollywood aspirations.

What do you think about a 32MP 1Ds Mark IV?  Are you still waiting for the 5D Mark III?



  1. Zombie says

    and we need 32mp??

    I like the direction Nikon is rumored to be going – 18Mp on an FX sized sensor will hopefully yield enough speed and ample resolution.

  2. SToronto says

    Disappointing if true – itching to replace my 40D, holding out on the 5DMKII because of the impending 5DMKIII. I’d certainly take the new 1-Series, but likely too expensive for my needs. I hope the rumour is false! Henry’s here in Canada has just reduced the 5DMKII by $500 dollars. Is this a sign of inventory clearout? Hope so.

  3. Vic Neves says

    Dieing to replace my old XTi for the one i always wanted but too expenssive to even conssider, 5DMK II. Hopefully they’ll drop the price a little once the new model to replace it,comes out. Come on Cannon the economy is terrible give us a break and lower the price now.

  4. Jan Karlsson says

    High resolution of 32 mp, and at least 6 frames / sec on ​​the new 5D Mark III?
    And a good AF even in darker situations???
    Then I would line up again for a Canon.
    BUT Nikon images directly from the camera is now so much better.
    Canon made ​​many poor choices with the Mark II, I think, but it works for everything except sports, where it performs almost worthless.
    Now you save time with a Nikon ,but i want high resulution.
    Canon please ,try to make me happy this time.
    No ! I ‘m far from happy with my Mark II’s ,AF ,jpeg’s ,quality, fps.

  5. samo says

    I hope the above news is true, it make more sense to launch the 1Ds IV before the 5D III.
    The specs is acceptable, I hope there will be a wireless flash commander, since this feature is available in Nikon long time before Canon. I will be waiting impatiently to see it out in the market.

  6. says

    A 32MP 1dS would be a fail. 1D, sure. But Ds? No way. I’m sure a 1Ds would be 40MP+ rather than 32.

    Also, 32MP @ 9FPS is possible with DUAL Digic 5’s. Someone on the CanonRumors forum pointed out the data speed necessary and it is possible.. But I think would also be a fail for a 1D, I wouldn’t want to go down to 9fps from 10, especially for sports where a single fps could make the difference between an ok image and front page image.

    There were also rumors of “Software upgrades” which would really be nice. I want to be able to do 9 frame exposure bracketing in camera, not having to do it 3 frames at a time. Also a built in intervalometer… Easily done ala Nikon. I don’t know what Canon is thinking sometimes not including these features.

  7. says

    I want to compare the 5D III with the D800. After that, I stay with Canon… or “Hasta la vista baby” (Schwartnegger dixit).

  8. says

    I have been a user of Canon 1Ds Mark II and III and they are robust and dependable. The upgrade to 32mp and live view auto focusing would be a welcome improvement. My photos tend to be printed in large sizes for wall decor. I’m ready to buy the 1Ds Mark IV.

  9. charlee says

    32MP 1Ds Mark IV, all the above said are true, unbelievable… but it might be sure in the case of canon, well I’m a bit eager to know more about it…. when will be the actual launching….