Canon Not Attending PMA 2010

According to PDN Gear Guide, Canon has confirmed that it will not attend PMA 2010, which is scheduled to be held in Anaheim, California from February 19-23. Instead, Canon is opting to feature its products at CES 2010 in Las Vegas from January 7-10.

“Yes, Canon U.S.A. has decided not to participate in the PMA 2010 Trade Show,” Melissa Dara Moritz, Canon USA’s Public Relations manager, told PDN Gear Guide in an email message.

Canon cites “changes in the industry” including, the decreasing product life cycle as part of the reason for its absence from PMA.  Additionally, attendance at PMA is substantially smaller than CES, which generally brings in 5 times the audience over PMA.   However, much of that audience is going to be there for LCD TVs, MP3 players and video games.  Is Canon really going to mix it up by introducing professional cameras and lenses alongside the video games and the latest Microsoft Zune MP3 player?

This is very interesting since Canon’s presence at PMA has historically been so huge.  Last year, Canon’s floor space was massive and up front at the main floor entrance.  Canon had everything on display and even had live seminars from Canon’s Explorers of Light photographers like Clay Blackmore and Bruce Dorn (who, by the way, I could listen to all day long).

It will feel a little weird at PMA without Canon there this year.  When you think cameras, Canon is one of the first, if not the very first, manufacturer that comes to mind.  Additionally, it’s not like Canon hasn’t had a CES presence in years past.  Often times, we’ll see some point and shoot cameras introduced at CES, followed by more professional product introductions at PMA.

I’m not sure how this will sit with the overall PMA audience.  It is called the Photo Marketing Association and carries the tagline, “The Worldwide Community of Imaging Association.”  I can completely understand Canon scaling things back a bit due to the economy being down.  However, going from the biggest, in-your-face vendor at PMA to not even showing up the next year is a little on the extreme side.

Way to snub your nose at your pro audience Canon.  Who knows, maybe Canon will be able to push some new L-series lenses on the crowd that came for Rocky Mountain Radar.

Am I being too harsh on Canon?  Does CES make more sense for Canon to attend with their DSLRs and pro-level gear?  Is there some other reason than the party line answers given by Canon as to why it won’t be a PMA 2010?

[PDN Gear Guide via 1001noisycameras]



  1. vss says

    Remember the canon rumor ad with the big box, announcement something big this fall. Could canon be venturing into LCD TVs?

  2. Terrance says

    Canon’s Director of Marketing should be FIRED!-Along with the executive board member who voted for the change!

  3. says

    With the internet, these events are of decreasing importance in terms of marketing. The overwhelming majority of people will buy a new camera or lens based on online reviews rather than handling it at a show. Unfortunate for those who would attend PMA, but I can understand Canon wanting to cut costs, and this looks like a reasonable choice.

    The important thing for Canon is to be more proactive in terms of updating their DSLRs and lenses.