Nikon DSLR Announcement Pegged for August 24, 2011 – D4, D800 and D400 Rumored as Possibilities


Since we’re getting into camera launch season, it should come as no surprise to start hearing little trickles of details from manufacturers on their upcoming products.

Nikon Rumors has “confirmed” with its mysterious (yet often very accurate) sources that August 24 is D-day (or, perhaps D4 day) for the next big Nikon press event.  Details on which products will actually be announced have yet to be revealed, but you can expect plenty of rumors to creep up over the next few weeks.

And, it’s likely we’ll see leaks of the coming cameras as well since Nikon has become one of the leakiest camera manufacturers of late.

High on the list of expectations are a D3s, D700 and D300s replacements, which are presumably dubbed as the D4, D800 and D400.  Each of these existing models are ripe for replacement and an expected bump in resolution and video functionality; however, conflicting recent reports suggest either a D4 and D400 combo or a D4 and D800 combo (but not all three together) coming soon.

What are you crossing your fingers for as we wait for August 24 to arrive?


  1. brad says

    My guess would be a D4 and D400 released at the same time. Nikon released the D3s with video but intentionally did not replace (or add) the D700s, requiring those who wanted video (at 720p) to pay the serious upcharge (2,500 approx) for not that much better of a camera. I would think Nikon would want the mainstream to buy the new camera (D400 replacing the D300 or D7000) and those who want pro-like quality to pay the upcharge (D4) until they later release the D800.

    In any scenario, B&H Photo is currently out of D3, D3s, D700, D7000. See:

  2. says

    I’m most looking forward to the D700 replacement. At the moment I’m looking to purchase the D7000 but I will definitely consider the tentatively titled D800 when it’s announced but it all depends on the specs…and the price too. lol

  3. Adam says

    I have been holding off on buying the D7000 in the hopes of a fx D800 that shoots 60p.
    If it doesn’t happen, I may look into canon for video, and get an adapter for all my Nikon glass.

  4. Richard says

    Me too..we need a D700 replacement…..hopefully with at least 25 mega pixels sensor….with a reasonable COST

  5. says

    I’m thinking exactly like Adam. The wait has been too long.

    Adam July 28, 2011 at 3:23 pm
    I have been holding off on buying the D7000 in the hopes of a fx D800 that shoots 60p.
    If it doesn’t happen, I may look into canon for video, and get an adapter for all my Nikon glass.

    Nikon better come up with a D800 or else…..we may release our frustration with a Canon 5D mk II. Ouch.

  6. Richard says

    JUST HOPE ALL OF THE NEW ONES IS FULL FRAME (FX) cameras…with better lock-up features

  7. kimhwa says

    I have been holding off on buying the latest product. . . .D800 hope resonable prizes

  8. Garrett Hayes says

    Looking forward to a D800. Absolutely nothing wrong with the D700 but it could do with an upgrade, maybe video and dual slot, D3S type low light capability
    On the DX front, I would like a replacement for the D300.

  9. Steve says

    I would like to get a D700 before they are gone. I just want a full frame SLR WITHOUT video. I waited too long.

  10. says

    I may be mistaken, but it is most likely a FX and DX model that will be announced. D4 and D400 if history is to repeat itself like a few years back. The D800 would be around Q1 2012 announcement (like it was for the D700 … several months after the D3).

  11. Eric S says

    I am betting on an FX and DX model as well.
    What I want is a 20mp D3S.

    I’m expecting that the next FX model (D4) will be the new “Low Light King” meaning better resolution and lower noise than the D3S. The same dual CF slots. Improved buffering to handle the same frame rate at the increased resolution. Faster processor, improved AF and metering (not that we really need it), same control functionality as D3S, perhaps a GPS and wireless link, more live view functionality. Improved video…continuous AF?

    I’m thinking that the DX offering (D400) will be the top of the line there as well. It has to beat the D7000 for IQ and video plus give more creative control at your fingertips…Larger frame, tougher construction.

    In other words, the FX offering will push the bounds of Hi ISO image quality while turning the video into a better tool. The DX offering will be the new top of the DX line.

    Here’s why: With the D3 series Nikon recaptured the pro market. Nikon has an edge and they need to maintain that momentum. If the D4 betters the D3S, we could see even more Cannon users switching, particularly since old (bargain) Nikon glass works well. Consumers see pro DSLRs in the hands of photojournalists, not landscape photographers. Consequently, expanding the number of photojounalists shooting Nikon is invaluable marketing. Hence there’s good logic in trading resolution for a few stops in speed. Once the D4 has been out a while, a D4X (hi res) will show up for the less visible pros… so it doesn’t make sense for the D4 to better the resolution of the D3x .

    Nikons top of the line in the DX world has become a little muddied. They need a new definitive DX leader, so look for the D400.

    As for a D800…I don’t think so. With the release of a D4, the number of used D3 series cameras on the market will go up as folks upgrade. Also with the D4 release, D3 series cameras become offically “old technology”. Old technology + higher availability means lower price. A D800 release will be more successful if the used market in FX bodies is not in a glut due to folks offloading D3 series cameras in favor of a D4.

    So my call is a D4 that is clearly the world’s best DSLR for a photojournalist and a D400 that clearly defines the top of the DX line.

  12. Roger Wehling says

    I am interested in the D4 when it comes out but based on things I’ve read I am concerned about radiation contamination. I wonder if Japanese importsare being screened now for this?

    • says

      Hadn’t thought of that one Roger. One would hope that’s not an issue. I think the power outages and flood waters were the biggest initial problems for the factories. I’m not sure how far they are away from the nuclear plants though…

  13. Joe Prete says

    So many people are asking for a D700 replacement, but can you blame Nikon for riding the D700 wave? They still sell out the stock at many stores, most are still within 10% of the original price. The D200 was one of their better sellers before this. There are very few D700’s to be found, used or refurbished, that’s always a good sign!. Also, it is going to be a gamble- they have to not only top the D700 but it has to have at least a two year run! I don’t know about people switching brands over one model, but Eric S. had a good point about FX and DX. They have clearly defined, they are supporting both formats ( SDHC & Compact Flash too!)

  14. Titus says


    I am working with Canon system (the 5D II is amazing) but I desire Nikon bodies (I used them in film system).

    I hope this D800 yields a terrific sharpness and keeps all the wounderful D700 things… And if the 5D III sharpness does not prevail over D800`s, then I return to Nikon.

  15. Amy says

    More MP isn’t always better. There’s a reason that the D3X with it’s 25MP is crappier in low light than the D700 with it’s 12MP. I’ll take quality over quantity, thanks.

    D3S replacement please. I have a d700 and LOVE it

  16. Gary says

    You’ll see the new FX high end camera, D4 with around 32MP sensor (Sony have been cagey about the exact pixel count on their new full frame Exmor sensor, reworked by Nikon)… The other camera will be the DX D300s replacement, probably called D400, with the new 24MP APS-C sized Exmor, again reworked by Nikon)… A Sony modified version of this 24MP sensor will also be seen in the new NEX-7, to be announced by Sony on the same day. The new Exmor’s have similar high ISO performance to previous generations, which were good. 24MP on DX, and around 36MP on FX is approaching the resolve of a good lens anyway… so it’s only improved ISO performance Sony need strive for in future… and their recent huge investment in their R&D and sensor production facilities show they mean business is this sector. Alas, we won’t see a D700 replacement this year… but it will have that new FX sensor when it does come… :-)

    • Gary says

      *Nikon have been close at hand during the development of the latest generation of Exmor sensors. Although Nikon still design some of their own sensors, Sony will manufacture them. Sony has been wooing Nikon for some time. Sony have made no secret they wish to join Canon and Nikon at the top of the camera tree. Their purchase of Konica/Milnolta, their controlling investment in Carl Zeiss and other lens manufacturers, and their development of translucent mirror cameras show they are determined to succeed.