Novacut Open Source Video Editor


The Novacut open source video editing platform is currently in development and looks like it could be quite the special video editing application.  Initially, Novacut is geared to exclusive compatibility with Canon HDSLRs; however, the Novacut team expects supported formats to grow quickly.

The most ambitious part of the Novacut product is the cloud editing possibilities.  Novacut is designed to allow multiple users work with the same project at the same time.

In additional to cloud connectivity within the program, there are also options with HTLM 5 that will allow you to make edits from a browser or even a mobile device.  How about them apples?  Editing on an NLE in the cloud with your phone…

Initially, it looks like Novacut will be exclusive to Ubuntu – with an OS X port likely coming in the near term after launch.

There are only a few days left in Novacut’s Kickstarter campaign and they’re still around $7000 away from the $25,000 goal.  [UPDATE: They met their goal! So, we should be hearing more about Novacut soon.]

For a better description of Novacut’s lofty goals, check out the following videos

If this is something that appeals to you, go donate on Novacut’s Kickstarter campaign and spread the word for the next couple of days to help them reach their goal