iPhone SLR Mount for Canon & Nikon Lenses

Ever wanted to really zoom in on the action with your iPhone?  Well, if you’re willing to mount a Canon or Nikon lens on the backside of your phone, it’s now possible.

Photojojo is selling an adapter for the iPhone that allows you to mount Canon EF and Nikon F-mount lenses.  It runs $190 for the 3G/3Gs version and $249 for the iPhone 4 version.  Details at Photojojo.com.



  1. says

    This is a solution to no problem I know of. Who, in their right mind would want to spend $250, plus lenses to attach all that to a low res, plastic lens camera phone to get blurry pictures of what?

    Spend your money on a low end, or used DSLR body and use the lens you want.

  2. forkboy1965 says

    No offense Darren, but I think this is aimed at folks who already have Nikon and/or Canon lenses.

  3. Hugh W says

    Why on earth would I haul around my collection of lenses without the camera body they were intended for. This is just a waste of money no mater how you look at it.

  4. Angelo Sartore says

    I agree with all the comments above, EXCEPT forkboy1965! What a load of shite aimed knuckleheads who want to be ‘cool’ with their iphone toy!

  5. jeffery brown says

    thats a fairly simple anwswer really… in some cases dslr’s are either not allowed, too cumbersome or my iphone even videos and my d3 does not. i could go on? besides that, its just a bit of fun ;) just my 0.02$

  6. Mike H says

    What if the phone rings whilst all this is attached??

    You’ll get better pics with a bridge or p+s camera for no more and they’ll take up less space in your pocket/bag.

  7. WAYNE SCHARF says

    …and when you drop it, (because it looks pretty ungainly), then you can spend some REAL money on some dandy new stuff….this is why they call it a hobby, so you can eventually retire poor because you had too much fun…

  8. Rob Bush says

    I love capitalism. Someone with an idea can spend their own money creating a product, and the market votes on that product with their dollars. Those that make wanted products will win votes of dollars. Those that don’t will lose their dollars and can’t make any more.

    I know a few folks above who aren’t going to spend any money on this, but I probably will. My kids like taking pictures of crazy stuff when we are traveling, then sending it to grandma and grandpa. I’ve got a few extra Canon lenses, so why not? My whoop-de-do camera can’t sent txt msg pictures to grandpa on a moment’s notice.

    We ‘serious’ shutterbugs discount the pictures being taken on phones, but guess what? A generation of people have their lives, daily lives, captured on phones. They show and share. They take videos. We say the quality is crappy, and they say ‘so’. But their camera is with them ALL THE TIME. And some small few will become shutterbugs too. The iPhone 5 is said to have an 8mp camera with better optics and more on-board memory.

    I don’t expect this iPhone add-on to sell like hotcakes, but I’m glad to see somebody making it. Good for them. I wish them well.

  9. says

    I have taught photography professionally, and I always tell my students that the best camera is the one they have with them (Yes, there is an app for that). That’s the glory of small compacts, and increasingly better quality cel phones. I carry an iphone, and an iPad2, and I use the camera functions all the time – you could say just about every day.

    Any camera phone is fine the way they are. Their key benefit is that they are easy to carry, and always with you. Add this overpriced adapter, and some lenses and it looses it’s only benefit

    forkboy1965 – ya, I guessed that. Still doesn’t make physical or economic sense


  10. forkboy1965 says

    DK… I don’t have any feelings about the product. I own an iPhone and Canon lenses. The product doesn’t meet my needs or desires.

    But i fail to understand the outrage this product has generated here in the comments.

  11. says

    In reply to:

    “What if the phone rings whilst all this is attached??…”
    I would suggest – if this is a real item – put your phone in Airplane Mode first, then shoot.