Quotable: “The Future Of Photography Is Convergence”

Over at A Photo Editor, there’s an interesting interview with Vincent Laforet concerning the future of photography.  In it he discusses where these photo and video cameras are heading, including how new technology will affect the vision required to capture “the decisive moment.”

Here’s what’s important, if you can shoot 120 frames or 96 frames per second at a high resolution, it removes one of the single most difficult aspects of being a photographer, which is to capture the “decisive moment.”

Head on over to A Photo Editor the the complete interview.



  1. Dr. Elliot McGucken says

    Yes, but a Canon-based 9shooter system (with the Canon 5D Mark ii & HFS200) costs less than 1/10 cost of the RED EPIC and can be hand-held, as it is far lighter and smaller. The 9shooter also carries the advantages of redundancy and both dedicated stabilization for stills and dynamic stabilization for video, and one can use standard Canon lenses. In a showdown, the <$5,000 9shooter system would beat the $58,000+ EPIC RED hands down. And just you wait until the 9shooter with a Canon 5D Mark III & Mark IV!

    In a showdown, the 9shooter beats the EPIC RED hands down.

    • says

      That’s a valid point. However, I think the gist of what Laforet is getting at is not the technology of the EPIC in today’s market – but rather what happens when this type of tech is more affordable (e.g., you’re reference to the 5D Mark III and Mark IV…).

  2. forkboy1965 says

    A very interesting interview.

    My only concern thus far is the notion of trying to find the one decisive image from a stream of potentially thousands from the stream. I don’t think survey mode in Lightroom is going to hack it.

    • says

      Agreed. And I rather dislike editing; however, I tend to agree with Laforet concerning the need for solid editing skills in the future.