Canon 5D Mark III and 3D Rumors Resurface

With the Canon 5D Mark II pushing its 3-year anniversary, it’s no wonder that rumors of a successor to the throne are floating around.  The Canon 3D rumors, however, seem to crop up every so often to no avail.

According to a tipster at Northlight, a new full-frame series camera from Canon should arrive in early 2012.  The new series is believed to carry the EOS 3D name.

The 5D Mark III, however, is not expected until August 2012 (according to the same tipster).

If (and this is a big if) such rumors were true, what would you want to see in the Canon 3D and Canon 5D Mark III, respectively?  Could this be an opportunity to make a 3D that caters to the still shooters (i.e., great AF, high MP, low noise, etc.), and a 5D-series that caters more to the dual-purpose still + video crowd?

Your thoughts?



  1. Jorgd says

    The only thing i would want on a 5 d is a more sofisticate AF system (like the one on the 7d perhaps) and maybe more frames per second when doing continuous shooting

  2. Symple says

    #1: Pellicle mirror .
    #2: Buffer to handle at least 30 RAW images continuos shooting.
    #3: Pixel pitch back to 7.2.
    #4: Removable grip that takes LP-E4/Body only takes LP-E6.
    #5: APS-H & C viewfinder crop mode allowing focus points to very edge of frame.

    • Symple says

      5D III – would not have pellicle but offer andvanced live-view/video focus; buffer would be 15 RAW continuous; Pixel pitch to 5.7; RAW video; user replaceable sensor filter (low-pass, IR, full spectrum).

  3. John Paul says

    Less megapixels for EVEN better low light performance. Better AF. Would be nice if it could go to 10 FPS too.

  4. Ray says

    I second Jorgd, a way better AF system is way overdue, something resembles the 1D series today should be the minimum.

  5. Gary Grimes says

    Built in wireless for tablet based real time viewfinder
    Built in wireless for radio flash sync
    CF cards
    Higher speed flash sync
    Faster/better autofocus
    could care less about video

  6. Ed says

    My ideal 5diii:
    Minimum 39 af pts
    Dual cf card slots
    Dual digic processors
    100% viewfinder
    Continuous af
    Minimum 5fps

    Price $3500 usd

  7. Jerry says

    In video mode – no line skipping / moire issues …and output to external drive at full res.

  8. Neville Austin says

    5D :
    Really high ISO
    Really low noise
    Really better (sharper-faster) autofocus
    100% viewfinder

    Begins to sound like a Nikon.

  9. says

    Would love to see a Mark 5D III with:

    Square format crop through the viewfinder
    Higher ISO
    Better noise reduction
    Lock lever so shutter speed & aperture cannot be accidentally changes
    Faster focusing
    Higher speed flash sync
    Built in flash

  10. says

    All I can say is that this post has been repeated at least 10 times in the last year. I mean what is the big deal with 5D mk3. mk 2 is great camera even if it has so many issues when filming video. mk3 is delaying as there is not much more they can do with it, otherwise it would come out already, everyone is still buying mk2 so why making superior mk3 if you are still selling mk2 well.
    And we all know that when RED Scarlet comes out, 5Dmk2 will be soon forgotten, and so the possible mk3.

    • says

      #Edo H D – The most sensible post here..! I’m fed up with ALL the rumours and fantasy Camera spec. Get out and take great photos with what ever camera you own. Save up, buy a new cam – when it arrives.

  11. John says

    Maybe a “super cool photo” button, an aside. A pizza Button. A fb application and a direct blog upload button.

  12. Ole M. Herseth says

    Direct access like the 7D, not having to go through menues would be nice on the 5D mk.3.
    Video – Who cares ? — I am a photographer. – Kill the video part, and lower the price instead.

  13. Toni says

    “The 5D Mark III, however, is not expected until August 2012″ was that typo or new information? I’ve heard it should be here in fall 2011…

  14. Tito says

    August 2012?????

    I thought it arrived this year 2011 (December).
    Maybe, it is a Fukushima effect.

    Well, I hope the 5D III gets:

    * Really better low light performance
    *Much better AF
    *And… the on/off button ON THE TOP of the camera (but, I am sure, an angry man should say: impossible!)

    Be good, Canon team.

  15. Tito says

    I am forgetting: a built-in flash is a must… Ok, for a serious work we have a unit flash, but in an emergency it´s a help.

  16. Pepe Alvarez says

    New Full Frame 3D? Will it really need more than 20 Mps? Save the Megamegas for the 5D III and the other pro clunkers. But it would be great for it to have an automatic sensor mask for using EF-S series lenses if the mount to sensor distance would allow (with this feature 24+ Mps would be welcome). This, however, might be seen by Canon as a profit loss for their Digital camera sales! Definitely AF HD video as its now standard. And I know this would offend some but a built-in flash is at times needed particularly as a fill-light feature. A compact tilting LCD monitor would support video as well as still captures. When will Canon settle on a control button format??? Some of us have several models and they should all (by now) have the same configuration pattern. The Rebel series just might be the most user friendly as most of the controls are thumb operated!

  17. JR says

    14 to 16 Mp is likely the sweet spot.
    Use all the pixels for video.
    Provide 10 bit log or 16 bit dynamics.
    Stop with inventing weird file wrappers and CODECs, go with a real standard like IIF-ACES.
    Dump MPEG LA.

  18. luigi carmine says

    Less megapixels for even better low light performance. Better AF. 100% viewfinder

  19. Joe says

    I have the 7D and really like it, but I’d consider adding a full-frame if either of the 3D or 5D had at least 7 fps (a must for me to even consider doling out that amount of cash), faster auto-focus, video with continuous auto-focus, faster still auto-focus and improved (i.e., higher and better quality) ISO sensitivity. I would think they’d have to include the wireless flash trigger feature since they now have it in the 7D, 60D and T3i. Somebody above mentioned wanting live view. My understanding was that the 5DM2 already has live view. Am I mistaken? I don’t use it a lot with the 7D, but it comes in handy to compose and auto-focus for hands-high-over-head and low, extreme tilt-up-angle shots.

  20. says

    The dillema is that may photographers ask for a stop in megapixelnumbers and an increased ISO sensitivity, whilst others and the marketing-people ask for higher numbers (pixels) to compete against competitors. Having both worlds would solve this and a 3D plus 5DIII duo could be the way to that point.

    Taking into consideration, that Canon’s marketing department will have the last word and considering the weak performance in lounching new mid- to higher-end cameras in the past 2-4 years makes me sceptical. I’m not expecting Canon to solve the dillema. Yet.

  21. Gary Leonard says

    I would like to see a full frame 3d that only caters to still shooters with a sophisticated AF tracking system and better low light capabilities.

  22. Jan Karlsson says

    5D mark III
    + Much better AF (Low light and Follow focus )
    + Same 21MP but much higher Iso with low noise
    + Faster ,maybe 5 fps
    + USB connect possibility
    + Rain proof (and with that better quality feeling in hand)
    + Better Live view (Face detection ,easy to use AND also in film mode )
    + Full HD Video Frame rate 48/50/60 and higher
    + ON/OFF Switch on the top OR better design
    + PLEASE NO (bad) build in flash
    + AND much ,much more :)

    + Faster 7-8fps
    + Almost water proof
    + 34 mp sensor
    + 100% viewfinder
    + possibillity to use EF-S lens with ??mp
    + Fast and easy HDR use
    + And more

  23. says

    As a still camera the 5D markII, is a breakthrough, but then, so is the APS-C Canon 7D, with certain better features, like the 8 f.p.s burst rate for sports, but in the video area it really shines as a low cost option to the costly alternatives for great big video files. I just covered the terrible Joplin EF5 tornado disaster. We shot 13 hours of big format HD video in 3D, with dual 5Ds. The alternative cameras could have cost $500,000 each times two. That is some COST BENEFIT RATIO…for sure! They could double the price if a better codec was offered alongwith perhaps a factory PL mount, and better HDMI output to an external recorder, and linked triggering for starting a shot. A genlock would command another $2 grand or more if offered. Interestingly enough, every frame of my HD video coverage, is usable as a good 2D or 3D still, if paired. We have thousands of stills that can be pulled out of video shooting, these brilliant HD video/still hybrids!

  24. says

    With all the delays and model/feature uncertainties, and Canon’s penchant for letting their (clue-less?) marketing department dictate what we get and when, perhaps it’s time to start following Nikon Rumors…

  25. amband says

    Just make the audio match the video. All this useless crap about increased pixelisation and increased fps, and all this stuff that will send the price skyrocketing is nonsense

    Audio is 50% of the final product. It is isn’t good the video is no good

    Priority 1. Fix the audio so we don’t have to buy all this aftermarket crap

    This won’t happen i fear, as the 5D was produced as a still camera

  26. Risto Hytönen says

    + better sensivity and focusing in twilight
    + tiltable LCD-screen!!
    + line in for audio track with video

  27. hjoseph7 says

    No more gadgets please ! I would like a 5D with better weather sealing, better AWB , faster FPS, more accurate color, In camera HDR, in camera Image Stabilization, better Dynamic Range sensor, improved AF, smudge proof LCD.

  28. says

    wish list: variable frame rates for video; headphone jack; live view audio meters (similar to Magic Lantern firmware) zero rolling shutter, new kit lens 24-70 IS.

  29. says

    I would like to see a camera as good as a 7D BUT with a full frame sensor, and without video, I never use video and object to having to pay for something I am not going to use. Thanks Canon, keep up the good work.

  30. Marcus says

    Has Canon 5D Mark III a refurbished Canon body? I like body like Canon 5D Mark II because very ergonomic.

  31. stella says

    i’m a full time working pro.

    would love very sophisticated and very fast eye recognition software that would focus on the closest eyelashes in the frame. just hold up the camera and shoot on pure instinct and composition. no more pre-focus, recompose, hope i nailed it.

  32. Neville Austin says

    Adding to what I contributed earlier ::

    Square format crop through the viewfinder
    Higher speed flash sync

  33. says

    – 7d AF system
    – dual processor
    – minimum 5 or 8fps (to match the d700)?
    – higher ISO sensitivity and lower noise
    – 100% viewfinder
    – 1080p at 60fps as well as other options for slower.

  34. says

    It would make so much sense for Canon to up the anti on a rock solid camera for still photography without all the additional bells and whistles. I have been shooting with Canon’s 1DS mark iii and would love to compliment it with a “pro built” kick @$$ camera without the heft. Full frame 24×36 low noise sensor, 21-32 mega pixel capture, nice big viewing screen, accurate hi eye-point view finder…. basically the 1Ds mark iii (or iiii) without the drive. A camera for pros to shoot fine art, portraiture, still life, landscape and architectural images that did not compromise pro-sumer options for its intended purpose; the capture of still photographs.
    Wouldn’t take much R&D either. Top half of of the 1Ds mark iii. Sexy to look, comfortable to hold and a pleasure to capture photographs with. Sure would be a game changer in Canon’s thinking process! I would be happy to volunteer to test it for a year if they are looking for shooters.

  35. says

    I fully agree with Michael, which I feel ia a helpful addition to the comments which I posted yesterday – but which are sandwiched between the second and third 17th June comments above (I had a thumb which was trying to ape a finger and posted in the wrong place as a result(!)). While I hear all the Canon hype about parts of movies being shot with easy to manage 5D IIs and appreciate the attraction of this technology to many people, I “just” want an ergonomic, water-protected and robust machine which shoots the best quality stills for a fairly reasonable price – no video. Canon, are you listening to us?

  36. says

    Right On! Lets get back to using cameras for making photographs.
    I miss my Leica and Hasselblad film cameras more and more with every “improvement” (?) someone makes in DSLR’s. Spend $S’s researching optics!
    Large capture, robust and ergonomic body. Who wouldn’t buy one?
    Maybe Steve and I should head up R&D at Canon?

  37. stella says

    btw – would also love to see a 50mm 1.4 L that just makes people’s jaws drop.

    edge to edge, wide open, the BEST 50MM EVER MADE PERIOD – including leica.

    (and IS would be bad either)

    don’t tell me it can’t be done.

  38. says

    Although since going digital I have been exclusively Canon (with the odd Sigma lens thrown in), I still have – and occasionally use – my Nikon F2. It has the Nikkor 50mm 1.2. If Canon would produce glass which could simply match the optical performance of that superlative lens, I should be a very happy bunny indeed!

  39. Ed Robbins says

    Is it heresey to want a 5DIII that one does not have to pay “extra, excess” money for because one wants to take only stills? And more af points, more frames/ sec, better low light, and particularly, 39-43 megs. And who doesn’t want higher ISO?

  40. says

    It appears we have a movement here. Is Canon listening? How do we get this concept across to the marketing folks preparing to sell us something other than what we desire? Anyone reading this know anyone at Canon?

  41. says

    Thinking again about this, there are obviously a lot of “big bucks” for Canon in a revamped 5D II with video being produced and marketed as a 5D III. There would also be possibly even more “big bucks” for Canon if it were to revamp the 5D II with many of the features called for on this thread and produce and market it – WITHOUT video – as, say a brand new 3D, thus making two very distinct customer bases happy and ready to spend . Don’t get me wrong, the 5D II is already a sensational piece of kit, but there is always room for improvement, and as Canon says that it listens to the views of photographers (unless all the hype on that subject around the launch of the 7D was just made up for marketing purposes)…………

  42. stella says

    i agree. i ONLY care about the final quality of the stills and i am way more concerned with sharpness and smooth, beautiful tonal range than simply more megapixels and video.

    higher iso quality is also a HUGE plus, as is absolutely accurate focusing on eyes, especially in low light, with lens wide open. and of course, lenses that knock my socks off, edge to edge, wide open.

    i hope canon is listening . . .