Photoshop CS5 12.0.4 Update Adds Remote Control from iPad

Along with Creative Suite 5.5‘s release today, Photoshop CS5 gets a free update to version 12.0.4.  This update gives you remote connections to Photoshop CS5 through the use of the iPad, along with several minor bug fixes.

The 12.0.4 update enables specially designed apps on tablets, smartphones, and PCs to communicate with and control interaction with Photoshop CS5 (Located in the File menu: Remote Connections). Now you can be creative on other devices and instantly incorporate what you create into Photoshop. You must install the 12.0.4 update to activate a remote connection between Photoshop CS5 and any apps that Adobe or third-party developers create to interact with Photoshop. For example, Photoshop CS5 must be updated to 12.0.4 to interact with three new iPad apps that Adobe has designed to work with it – Adobe Nav, Adobe Color Lava, and Adobe Eazel. Available on the App Store. –Adobe

Photoshop CS5 users can download the update from within the program or you can get it from Adobe’s website (Mac / Win).