Giveaway: Strobist Photo Trade Secrets

Want a free copy of Strobist Photo Trade Secrets?  (Read the review of these cool books.)

Two copies are up for grabs to the comments of the day.  Anything goes (just keep it clean) and I draw the winners on Wednesday at 6PM EDT.

Just leave a single comment below (no duplicate entries) and put your real email address in the email box (NOT in the comment text). I’ll notify the winners and update this post when I hear back from them.



  1. Robert says

    sweet! I was looking into these, but not sure if they would be helpful but a free one would be nice!

  2. says

    Great books to giveaway, everyone can use help with lighting. I just bought my first DSLr and look forward to being able to really play with light now.

  3. abdul hye says

    brilliant. with this book i shall be writing the next book titled Strobist Photo Trade Secrets Vol 1. by Abdul.

  4. Anthony Gaskins says

    Strobists got me in trouble. I put the original dvd set on in the kitchen while preparing dinner as background noise. Every so often I would glance and watch what he was doing. While watching, he went from the “Lighting a Cconference Room Portrait” to “Sunset Portraits” with the same model. I was listening about how to place a gobo between my 2nd flash and the subject when my 9 y.o. son starts yelling: “Dad! Why is she naked?!” I immediately turn around to see the model in a very skimpy (Yet flattering :-) ) bikini. Before I could turn it off my wife rushes in sees what’s going on and gives me the evil eye. Thanks Strobist. Seriously, love your stuff!

  5. Anthony says

    Looks to be an interesting topic for these books. Certainly can help those who are looking for that little extra.

  6. says

    I’ve been a fan of Dave Hobby’s work for a while, the guy wears shorts as much as I do, it’s unbelievable… the strobist blog has been a major influence in the development of my lighting skills and hardware store pilfering. I’d love to get my hands on one of these books, I’d even put it under my pillow at night to see if I could keep learning via osmosis while I was sleeping….

  7. Steve Pickens says

    Would really love one of those fabulous books. Just bought me a Canon 60d and have since been trying to learn to use it in manual to take great pictures. And I look forward everyday to read Photography Bay on Facebook and my email. Keep up the good work!!!

  8. says

    I check this site every day… lots of great info and sometimes cool giveaways. Would love a copy of this book. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  9. Teresa says

    So, where was Dave H. and his smart students when I was young? I love the concept of lighting like you have unlimited money with my flash heads.

  10. Susan R. says

    Wow! These books sound great. I love this method of teaching. It is great to be given the opportunity to recreate a photograph that has inspired me. Having a detailed description of the shot set-up is wonderful. It’s like having an instruction right there.

  11. says

    Awesome! I was actually looking into ordering a set of these for myself. They are a great source of info and inspiration. Thanks for having another great give-away!

  12. says

    You are lovely man whose intellect and generosity rivals the greatest of our Nobel Peace Prize winners. And, I’m a whore for free stuff. Usually food.

    Oh crap, I posted too late.

  13. Larissa Smith says

    I don’t think William is really a Prince. I want to see his birth certificate.